Southern Lake Levels. MetService provides land-based severe weather alerts through a system of Outlooks, Watches and Warnings. This page uses Javascript. ... Those at Treble Cone will be hoping the prized flakes head their way too - the Central Otago ski area was to open for the season tomorrow, but that has been postponed due to ��� Its been a roller coater of a season (year) and we appreciate all the efforts from both staff and guests making this winter special. Treble Cone 7-Day Snow Forecast from Wednesday 2nd December 2020. Transport up the mountain: 8.30am & 9.30am. Most accurate 7 day Treble Cone snow forecast, snowfall charts, video forecast & synoptic weather info. View Treble Cone's snow report. SOUTHLAND rivers & rainfall info. No need to fit chains to your vehicle on snow days, simply hop on-board and get dropped off at our base building. Sign-up now for free to get free alerts - BEFORE the snow arrives. Check out the current NZ ski report and snow conditions at all major resorts such as Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, Cardrona, Treble Cone, Mt Hutt, Turoa and Whakapapa, or check the snow & weather forecast so you can plan your best day on the snow! Coronet Peak Remarkables NZ Ski Cardrona Treble Cone. Click here to register/log in. Once you've registered, click "Search Sites" and search for "Treble Cone". The MetService is forecasting snow to 1800m today and 1400m tomorrow. Sign-up to our newsletter to keep in the know on the snow! Forecasts and warnings may be updated at any time - always check for the latest information. Cardrona Weather (Next 3 days): The snow forecast for Cardrona is: Light rain (total 6.0mm), mostly falling on Tue morning. Cardrona Weather. We know, another mailing list. Bluff Harbour Wind & Tide Data. Download our app and sync your favourites, Working with our partners to make your winter a little bit sweeter. In addition, a Wanaka/Treble Cone Express will depart Wanaka daily at 7.30am and 9.30am, picking up at key hotels and the Treble Cone town office with return trips leaving at ��� MetService烏①ㅊ竊�瓦����瑥ε�계��2017亮답빳��ι��轝▼�븀�겼�양��鸚㏝�③����⒳�������������듐�� ��방��MetService������映삼����닻�⑨��Heavy rain竊�訝뷸��弱����6驪ョ교竊������양��鸚㏝�⑨��Downpour竊����訝뷸��弱����25驪ョ교��� MetService��ⓩ�①�밥��燁곤�� �����썹�뜻��鸚⒴����썰����븀�겼�양��鸚㏝�⑨��鵝�倻�閭ㅵㄷ��������ⓨ�����雅�掠���ⓨ�겼�뷩�� MetService ��� Southern Lakes Metvuw MetService ��� Isobar / Surface Pressure Charts MetService ��� Rain Forecast ... Treble Cone Weather Station Whare Kea Chalet Wanaka Webcam (including Whare Kea Chalet) GLENORCHY. Treble Cone (TC) is the primary flying site in Wanaka. Treble Cone Weather (Next 3 days): The snow forecast for Treble Cone is: Drizzle on Wed morning followed by colder weather and a moderate fall of snow, heaviest on Wed afternoon. Treble Cone Ski Field Snowfall Forecasts and Information including road conditions, facilities status, wind, snowfall, temperature, freezing level, snow base and avalanche risk advisory. The Treble Cone Shuttle is a regular bus to help get you up and down the Treble Cone access road. Thanks for an awesome winter full of great turns and good vibes. For Australian forecast information, MetService recommends using the Australian Bureau of Meteorology website you can have your best day/s on the snow ever! Between 500 to 1000 people were expected over the course of the day, despite skiing and riding limited to the groomed runs, Easy Rider and the Platter area. That's all she wrote folks! Winds increasing (calm on Tue morning, strong winds from the NW by Wed morning). Back to Cardrona Ski Field Snowfall Forecasts and Information including road conditions, facilities status, wind, snowfall, temperature, freezing level, snow base and avalanche risk advisory. The road will remain closed throughout this strom cycle as we're looking at snow to low levels and we're not grading the road until the weather clears. Snowfall was widespread and accumulated at abnormally low-levels, according to MetService meteorologist Peter Little, with inland parts of Canterbury and Otago seeing 5+cm (2+inches) settling early Tuesday. you’ll love, like: Tell us what you like - relevant emails only! Updated daily at 6.30am and throughout the day with ski lift status, weather, grooming and road reports. Otago Harbour Wind & Tide Data. Snow Farm (only during winter) With the Treble Cone Ski Area yet to open for the season, all eyes will be on the sky tomorrow. The Treble Cone ski area was due to open on Thursday. It is also the best site within the Southern region for cross country flying as it gives access to good terrain, generally with road retrieves. In late May, MetService introduced a new level of warning reserved for the most extreme weather events, as well as new colours and graphics, to more clearly signify the type of alert in place. MetService Apps Security Update About this Site This information is provided for your own personal non-commercial use in accordance with the MetService website terms and conditions . Otago Rural Fire Danger. Glenorchy Weather Station Glenorchy Webcam. Return transport is $10pp. As a ��� 麗�穩↓�③�ⓨ��躍�雅���닻�②����ο��亮뜹�밥����ⓨ�겼�뷴��躍�雅�窯�鈺╉��MetService鈺����瑥댐����у�ⓨ�����鸚⒵��訝�葉녑��竊�餓�鸚⒴��略�鸚㏝�ⓨ����겼�뷴����������룡�닺˛��삠�� MetService no longer operates to provide dedicated Australia forecasts. Most accurate 7 day Cardrona snow forecast, snowfall charts, video forecast & synoptic weather information. Cardrona's winter season will run through to the 18th of October, so we'll see you up there for a few spring laps. The first day of spring was an unusually cold one up and down New Zealand���s South Island as temperatures plummeted and snow blanketed many regions. 3 day - Up to the minute weather maps, weather radars, rain forecasts and satellite imagery from all across New Zealand at The following list provides links to some of the most important places on the internet for paragliders in New Zealand: weather forecasts, wind meters, webcams, Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Ltd 2008- document.write(nzdate.getFullYear() + '');. Treble Cone stretches from its base at 1250m to the top of the field at 2088m, and is overdue for a good fall of natural snow to add to snow-making. The latest Wanaka & Treble Cone Snow Report, 10 day Weather Forecast, 7 day Snow Forecast, Snowfall totals & Webcams from SnowNZ. You'd need some years of forecasting experience before we'd consider you for any of these latter positions. Treble Cone has become a popular launch for speed flying in the quieter morning air due to the steepness of the terrain. Wind will be generally light. This Holidays in the Snow - 28 September 2020, This Week in the Snow - September 10, 2020, This Week in the Snow - September 3, 2020, Winter 2020 – NZ’s warmest winter on record. Metservice Rain Radar. Very mild (max 13°C on Thu afternoon, min 1°C on Tue morning). Ohau Ski Field Snowfall Forecasts and Information including road conditions, facilities status, wind, snowfall, temperature, freezing level, snow base and avalanche risk advisory. terms and conditions. . Cumulative rainfall; Rain radar; 3 day rain forecast; 5 day rain forecast; Your weather; Surface pressure; Satellite imagery; Marine forecast Most of MetService's meteorologists work as forecasters, but some are involved in computer modelling, marketing, consulting, development, management and instructing. MetService is New Zealand's national weather authority, providing comprehensive weather information services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help protect the safety and well-being of New Zealanders and the NZ economy. Further south in Otago, fellow ski fields Cardrona and Treble Cone are heaving a ��� ���鸚⒵��窯���ζ�뷸��MetService窯�役�竊���ⓩ�ζ�⒳����뜹��竊�Porters Pass役룡��500映념빳訝���겼�뷴�������わ����ⓨ�����2��밧�겻�����1��밥����댐��約곈《���瓦����燁���ゅ����썼씨���15���映녈�� 窯�溫▼�ⓩ�ζ�⒳����뜹��Arthur's Pass役룡��600映념빳訝������경�밥�������������わ��������2��배�념�����11��밥����댐��掠깁《���瓦����燁���ゅ����썼씨6���映녈�� Where is the best place to ski in New Zealand? ��뤄����썹�뜹엮12���雅�竊�鵝�瓦�訝ゅ�ⓩ�ラ�ⓨ����겼�뷴��瓦���δ른野�鸚⒵����� By ��계�욕�겻릎������要긺�� 2020亮�11���27��� 11:59 CARDRONA. To get started click on the star icon in the search bar to favourite the pages or locations you use regularly. This morning MetService put out severe wind and rain alerts covering the upper North Island and southern Westland. Queenstown weather forecast, two hourly data, maps, rain radar and current conditions. Make sure you read all the information on the Treble Cone site page, then click "Induct" at the top of the page to go through the induction/summer access process. Treble Cone management had organised activities and barbecues for the staff, but general manager Toby Arnott said it was ''fantastic to be finally open and get everyone up here''. New Zealand's snow industry resource Of MetService's approximately 250 staff, about 70 are meteorologists. Predicted snowfall, skiing conditions and weather over the next week for the New Zealand Ski Resort of Treble Cone. MetService is New Zealand���s national weather authority, providing accurate town, ��� Lightning Tracker. But we really want you to have the best info available so Page created at document.write(nzdate);    3.0.443, Extended brief forecast for all New Zealand. Find it at Mountainwatch. You don���t currently have any favourite locations added. OTAGO rivers & rainfall info. Your browser either doesn't support Javascript or you have it turned off. The latest snow reports and weather forecast for all ski resorts in New Zealand. Treble Cone Weather. Find it at Mountainwatch. Treble Cone Ski Area > ���Treble Cone Snow Reports. To gain access to Treble Cone in summer, you'll need to be inducted through the Zero Harm platform. Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you next winter! Cardrona Weather (Days 4-6): Light rain (total 5.0mm) at first, then becoming colder with a dusting of snow on Sat night. We promise to only send you things we think Freeze-thaw conditions (max 8°C on Tue afternoon, min -2°C on Wed night). Transport down the mountain: 3pm & 4pm But despite turning 80 million litres of water into snow, the mountain is still not ready for skiers. ��계�욕�겻릎������要긺�� Sophie 煐�瑥� �����길��������要길�γ����ι��竊���계�욕�곁��訝������ⓨ����겼�뷰��鸚⒴�������룬�ⓦ����곈�뱄�������녘�����榕���룬��������竊�訝���ⓨ�겼�뷸��弱�������域ゆ객熬���삠��. Find a town, city, or place. Metvuw Maps. To see this page as it is meant to appear please enable Javascript or use a Javascript enabled browser. MetService is forecasting snow through today and tomorrow in the region. This information is provided for your own personal non-commercial use in accordance with the MetService website With the Metservice forecasting winds of over 100km/h throughout the day today and our weather stations indicating strong winds already arriving the conditions are clearly outside of our scope to open the mountain safely.

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