I have two cats, one of which isn't very affectionate, particularly towards me. It's the male who needs his neuter right away. If you know what to look for, you won’t miss the many signs of pregnancy present in a gestating cat. Category: Cat. Cat Vet: Dr. Marie, Veterinarian replied 10 years ago. Supplied: Ben Cerini/ABC Life: Luke Tribe. My cat went a little mental with me when i was pregnant for the first time. (There really is no worse way to start a morning.). She is a year and a … Okay so my cat is eight months old and came into season/heat, whatever a few weeks ago for her first time. He didn't authorise any of those changes, and the changes aren't up to his standards. Week 1: Fertilisation – you won’t see any signs of pregnancy yet. I've had my male cat for a year and a half. As soon as we knew, she would follow me all over the place and lay at my feet when I was still. I don't usually post here but I'm worried about my old lady She's 14 and has always been extremely affectionate, soppy and cuddly....she wouldn't hurt a fly and would rub around anyone. If your cat's anxiety seems to be through the roof, anti-anxiety medication prescribed by your vet can help, Dr Ley adds. lol. Female cats can pass on common parasitic worms to their kittens both in-utero and through the milk during nursing which means it essential to ensure a regular worming regime is carried out both during pregnancy and lactation. PLEASE. If you've had toxoplasmosis once, you can't catch it again. I recently rescued a 7-year-old female cat who is spayed. Anyway, the “pregnant” twin started eating more, and now she has moved onto morning sickness, “yay”. Veterinarian Richard Gowan, who works at a cat clinic in Melbourne, tells me cats who "act out" during their human's pregnancy might simply be reacting to subtle upheavals in the environment or the status quo. In this video I find out I'm pregnant then I tell Richie through the Whisper Challenge! My parents aren’t willing to get April a cat sitter. If I am at home during the day (I work from home quite a bit), I barely even see her. Complete with kitty blanket and kitty rattles. He refuses to leave this spot where he can see the driveway. Satisfied Customers: 3,938. Help. that is so cute! Restlessness: About 24 to 48 hours before labor, the pregnant queen may seem restless or anxious.She may go in and out of her nesting area, almost as if pacing. Because infected cats shed Toxoplasma eggs in their feces, it is true that pregnant women should not handle or change cat litter. It gave me horrible dreams my whole pregnancy of giving birth to a cat and breast feeding it. she has been missing for a couple of days, i'm starting to get really worried about her. It's cute, but a bit intense! Ask Your Own Cat Question. If you prepare any meat for yourself or your cat, make sure it is thoroughly cooked. When did humans find out that women got pregnant from having sex? The won't mate at all (even when my sims cat was in heat) and fight a lot. Neither of them are spayed/neutered. Today is Friday. Finally, to make up for robbing him of night-time snuggles, I've also been encouraging Keith to cuddle with me on the couch after dinner. "What he's doing is a protest to the changes to his environment. Fortunately, the odds of contracting toxoplasmosis during pregnancy are low. "Rehoming pets to a child-free family can be a good option in cases where behaviour modification and management has not been successful to improve the situation.". We just got our cat a few months before I found out I was pregnant. after i got pregnant she was up my butt 24/7. I can't seem to find any info online and I'm wondering what that could mean. Your cat is pregnant. While we might think a tubby tabby is cute, increased fat on your feline is dangerous to their health. The fact I've delegated all litter-changing to my husband (a recommendation many obstetricians make, due to the risk of contracting toxoplasmosis from cat poo) and moved the kitty litter to an out-of-the-way area may have unsettled him, says Dr Gowan. Advice. I've explained that there is no possible way he could reach the baby or the baby has any idea what is happening, but he said it's just weird to him.. The effect of this has been shown in a survey of over 700 breeding cats, which found that cats with extremes of conformation, such as Siamese and Persians, experienced much higher levels of dystocia (difficult births), 10 per cent and 7.1 per cent of births being affected respectively, compared to only 2.3 per cent of births being affe… Not that a cat is going to crawl into your bed one morning and whisper in your ear, "Hey girl, you're pregnant. All of this speaks to the special bonds cats have with their humans. Have visitors who are keen to visit your newborn? What to Do if Your Cat’s Not Eating (When to Call the Vet) Reasons Why a Kitten Won’t Eat. Tips to Prepare for the Big Day. Answered in 7 minutes by: 1/28/2008. by The Paws and Effect Gang | Sep 14, 2014 | Cat Behavior, Cats and People | 5 comments. i couldn't go pee without her sitting in front of me making sure i wasn't leaving her and if i shut the door before she could get in she'd sit there and cry and cry and cry and cry until i was done. My cat went a little mental with me when i was pregnant for the first time. Is it because one is spayed and the other isn't? Pregnant cats - what to expect when they're expecting. Submitted: 10 years ago. If your cat does become pregnant, here’s what you can expect. While many authors believe that problems in parturition (birth) are rare in the cat, others feel that with the progression of selective breeding these problems are becoming more common. Heat cycles usually stop during pregnancy, but sometimes they continue. My cat has fleas and I want to treat her but she is pregnant. she followed me everywhere i went. I think he's waiting for my dad to get home. Do pregnant women need to give up coffee? It was kinda nice, but at times she would trip me up. The female cat has always had an attitude & all she does is hide all day long under the bed or kitchen table & will only come around my fiance or out to eat or use the litter box. Signs your pet is anxious and how to treat it, When fussing over a pregnant belly, there are reasons we sometimes forget our manners, Helping your furry friend feel relaxed (and safe) on their next road trip, Cold sores, smoking and vaccinations: Deciding who gets to see your new baby. His reaction is so priceless. I have two cats and my husband has been feeding and cleaning their box for the last week as we’ve waited for the test results. Our cat pretty much refuses to have anything to do with me. So about 6wks ago I rescued two pregnant cats. If your pregnant cat is due for their regular vaccination and deworming/flea treatment or needs medication, check with your vet first to make sure the treatment is safe for them. We saw her under a car with a tabby tom cat and she wouldn't come in until the next day. "There's a lot we can do to help. Very often this miracle starts by accident: Molly was on heat and met good old Max. When I was pregnant with my fourth child, I had a 3 year old cat that I had raised from the day he was born. Female cats can pass on common parasitic worms to their kittens both in-utero and through the milk during nursing which means it essential to ensure a regular worming regime is carried out both during pregnancy and lactation. You can also make the transition a bit easier by "making the new sleeping area a positive place and popping in a hot water bottle," suggests Dr Ley. When I get home from work he doesn't come to the door to greet me (as he used to every day), he won't lie anywhere near me on the sofa (again, he used to do this), and he's been a lot more affectionate and clingy with my husband. If mating occurs again during pregnancy, this can lead to further foetuses being conceived and kittens born with different fathers in the same litter. We asked four mums how much their public, private and at-home labours cost and what their experiences were like. Dr. Marie, Veterinarian. Kittens are normally weaned and eating solid food between 6 and 8 weeks of age. My dad passed away two days ago and was inseparable from his cat. Still have questions? If it's not, consider putting out an extra litter tray or two, Dr Ley suggests. Behaviours that can indicate stress, such as weeing in strange places, can be symptoms of an underlying health condition such as cystitis. ANSWER 0 weezypops ANSWERS: 3. guitarman18. Dr. Marie, Veterinarian. Three experts weigh in on what's best. Cat Vet: Dr. Marie, Veterinarian replied 10 years ago. Show More. Glad I have some time though. All cats should be on a regular worming schedule regardless of whether they are indoors only, indoor/outdoor, pregnant or lactating. Fact: cats can detect when a woman is pregnant because they are sensitive to the hormonal changes caused by pregnancy. Get our newsletter for the best of ABC Life each week. Make sure to subscribe! I am seven weeks pregnant and am worried about my cats will be once the baby is born. mine wasnt until i was farther along either but its normal. My cat is pregnant and was due to have her kittens a couple of days ago, the only problem is that we can't find her anywhere. They’ve since gotten used to each other. Before going down that path, it's a good idea to consider consulting an animal behaviourist, says Dr Mornement. i just wonder how they know. (Hey, nobody said they were selfless animals.). I'm almost 5 months pregnant, and you might think I'm crazy but I swear my cat knows. Female dogs which are not pregnant normally have small, flat nipples but, as your dog’s body prepares for pregnancy, her nipples will begin to enlarge for milk production. after i got pregnant she was up my butt 24/7. It happens at least three times a day. If you're wondering, it's a myth that cats like to suffocate babies. Signs your cat might not be coping with pregnancy or baby-related changes include: If you've got a rogue urinator on your hands like I do with Keith, book a check-up at your vet and ask for a full urine analysis and be sure to check for crystals, bladder stones and infections, recommends Dr Gowan.