Use the mixture within 30 days or add fuel stabilizer to extend the shelf life. This ratio has been formulated to give the engine the highest level of performance. If you want to ensure your chainsaw engine is properly maintained, then you need to use oil design for use in a chainsaw. I just put a ring on my 359 after more than 125 cords of wood and I didn't need the new ring, piston still looked new except slight carbon on top and cylinder still had original 140* inclusive angle cross hatch hone marks from the factory back in 2004. The above is based on years of racing 2 stroke motorcycles with very high RPM engines, including Husqvarna, back in the 60's and 70's ! SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. 40:1 is fine for any 25 year or newer saw out there . No Ethanol – Avoid power equipment problems with PreMixed Fuel. Series Name. I have two things that call for 40 & one that wants 50. This fuel works great for my Husqvarna 350BT blower, which requires 50:1 gas mix. Poulan Pro: They too have a branded fuel mix that is rated at 40:1 and ideal for all their gas powered tools, including chainsaws. This mixture is 50-to-1 gasoline to oil for all two-stroke engines. I get similar results for both. All of them get 50 to 1 and the correct amount of stabil. They all specify a 50:1 gas oil ratio. For a 32:1 mixture… The premix will become more viscous (thicker) and will not flow through the fixed size super small jet orifices in the carburator as easily and the saw may run very lean and sieze. So 50:1 is fine. The first two stroke I bought was a Husqvarna chain saw. Sep. 04, 2011 10:00 am, Post Mine says 50:1, but I run on the safe side & run 3 oz of oil per gallon, (42:1) I am in a similar, but opposite situation. I'm unable to tell the difference between this brand and the Tru Fuel brand (other than the color of the fuel). • If HUSQVARNA two-stroke oil is not available, you may use another two-stroke oil of good quality that is intended for air cooled engines. The epa is killing off the 2 cycle, no more 2 cycle lawnboys, dirtbikes , etc. Husqvarna Ethanol-Free High Octane Fuel is mixed with Husqvarna's best synthetic oil blend. W x 10.5 in. Post Doubt the saw will run any different on 40:1 or 50:1 The oil in the fuel is the lubrication of the internal moving parts of a a 2 cycle engine. • For great results and performance Always shut off the engine before HUSQVARNA two-stroke oil, which refueling. So Poulan Pro saws require a richer oil mix, at a ratio of 40:1. The fuel used on this engine is a mixed fuel. The blower starts up and runs great! Less carbon/sludge buildup and less oil to move out of the way. per gallon) but the Husqvarna 2 cycle oil bottles are 50:1 (2.6 oz. Before pouring this mix into the fuel tank, first mix it thoroughly by shaking the can. Using less oil translates into fewer exhaust emissions. This product was specifically formulated to provide the Husqvarna handheld owner with optimal equipment performance. JavaScript is either disabled or not supported in your browser. oil/1 gallon gas) Step 5: Shake the container to mix for 10-15 seconds. I have 2 lawnboys, a couple of trimmers, a mantis tiller, and a '78 evinrude on the boat. 5 gal. Husqvarna two stroke engines are designed to run on clean, fresh, unleaded petrol. I agree with smitty I run 100:1 with amsoil in everything. The mix ratio for the fuel should range from 25:1 to 33:1. by grumpy » Sun. Package Quantity. I don't think anyone will encourage you to run an engine with less oil than it calls for. I finally made a few phone calls this week. Step 4: Next, pour in all of the oil that is needed for your 50:1 mix. The manufacturers recommend 3.2 ounces of McCulloch oil for every gallon of gas, and they also offer the oil … McCulloch equipment uses 40:1 per the Husqvarna website . No more mixing oil and gas by hand Ethanol free, high 95 octane fuel combined with JASO-FD certified premium Husqvarna synthetic blended oil for optimal 2 stroke engine performance For easier and more dependable engine starts Pre-mix fuel 110 Oz. As long as it's good synthetic 2-stroke oil you could run that at 100:1 if you wanted. Unlike low octane gas pump fuel that degrades or oxidizes over time, Husqvarna pre-mix fuel stays fresh for years solving long term storage needs. I don't know how old it is, must be nearing 20, but the beast still roars ... and smokes a lot less too. Sep. 04, 2011 12:19 pm, Post (2.6 oz. bottle of two-cycle engine oil. Recently my brother in law dropped off a used el-cheapo Weed Eater. You should never mix the fuel with automotive oil, outboard two-cycle oil or four-cycle oil. Learn how to mix gas and two stroke oil for your two stroke engine for your Husqvarna blower. I'm going to see about getting a couple of gallons for the weed whacker, chainsaw & Mantis tiller. by freetown fred » Mon. by VigIIPeaBurner » Sun. The fuel does not degrade or oxidize like pump gas, and stays fresh for years solving longer term storage needs. The lawn mower uses too much fuel for through the summer, but maybe a gallon at the end of the season? by freetown fred » Mon. I run all of them at 40 with no problem. Add Stabil to that & it should be like the good old days. Apples to oranges. Be sure to mix accurately. It uses a 50:1 gas oil mix. by gaw » Sun. 0.40: 15: 0.30 (300) (600) 0.60: 20: 0.40 (400) (800) 0.80: 25: 0.50 (500) (1000) 1.00: ... To mix the fuel, first pour the engine oil and then the petrol into a suitable can approved for use with fuel. Re: Correct fuel:2 cycle oil mix. 1. Picture a babitted surface bearing on a crankshaft. It has zero alcohol. Sep. 05, 2011 12:19 pm, Return to “House, Gardening & DIY Projects”. Maximum power speed – 9000 rpm. CA Prop 65 PDF. The Fuji-Robins engine manual calls for something around 28:1 (?). TruFuel 6 Pack 2-Cycle 40:1 Pre-Blended Fuel for Outdoor Power Equipment - 32 oz. I wouldn't worry about it. by Freddy » Sun. I'm not going to keep two flavors of oil mix. If I were to take everything I read as Gospel, I'd probably go broke trying to keep abreast of all the yearly " BETTER" products available. In your clean fuel container (not the equipment fuel tank) pour in half of your unleaded gasoline. if it works for you, that's what counts--I was just sayin, Forum News, Forum Questions & Forum Feedback, Anthracite Coal Heating - Residential & Commercial, ↳   Stoker Coal Boilers Using Anthracite (Hydronic & Steam), ↳   Stoker Coal Furnaces & Stoves Using Anthracite (Hot Air), ↳   Hand Fired Coal Stoves & Furnaces Using Anthracite, ↳   Hand Fired Coal Boilers Using Anthracite, ↳   Imported Hand Fired Coal Stoves Using Anthracite, ↳   Antiques, Baseburners, Kitchen Stoves, Restorations & Modern Reproductions, Bituminous Coal Heating - Residential & Commercial, ↳   Bituminous Coal Heating General Topics, ↳   Coal Stoker Boilers & Hot Air Furnaces/Stoves Using Bituminous, ↳   Hand Fired Coal Boilers & Hot Air Furnaces/Stoves Using Bituminous, General Topics Related to Heating With Coal, ↳   Coal Prices & Quality, Coal Dealer Inquiries & Reviews, ↳   Coal Bins, Chimneys, CO Detectors & Thermostats, ↳   Anthracite Coal History in Northeastern Pennsylvania, ↳   Wood, Pellets, Gas, Oil, Geothermal & Other Heating Types, ↳   Sales Announcements & Other Information From Business's, ↳   For Sale Coal Boilers, Furnaces, Stoves & Heating Related Items, ↳   Wanted Coal Boilers, Furnaces, Stoves & Heating Related Items, ↳   Web Finds on Craigslist & Other Sites, ↳   Pro Sports, Entertainment, Movies & TV, ↳   Travel, Adventure & Places of Interest. • Do not smoke or place warm objects in the vicinity of the fuel. H 93+ octane, ethanol-free formula provides easier engine starting and smoother idling Husqvarna, another brand well regarded for their line of gas powered leaf blowers, also recommend a 40 to 1 mix for many of their models. I bought it to extend the warranty from 2 to 4 years. For a 40:1 mixture, use 3.2 fluid ounces of oil per gallon of gas. Husqvarna is, no doubt, a reputable name in the … Can I Run a 40:1 Two Stroke on 50:1 Premix? Thank you so much Karl. D x 10 in. Specifically formulated to provide the Husqvarna handheld owner with optimal equipment performance. I never read what the manufacture wants, I have run everything at 32:1 since I was 12 witha honda 250r, lawnboys, chainsaws,leaf blowers and don't have any problems. The correct mixing ratio for your Husqvarna is detailed in the warranty handbook. 50:1) , even an old Homelite 330 that suggests 16:1 mix or 8 oz of oil to 1 gallon gasoline, and yes I run my Homelite at 16;1. and its 30 years old and still running.

husqvarna 40 fuel mix

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