There’s no denying […] 10 Challenges Facing the Transformation Programme and Project Champions or Sponsors. These tips were created … Lack of appropriate tools and platforms to enable transformation from legacy IT environment to advanced digital infrastructure Enterprises need visibility to their cloud infrastructure, application management and development to deliver on innovation. The term infrastructure has been used throughout history to describe the large and complex structures of military projects, civil projects, and public utilities. A business transformation project should be started when real challenges that the organisation needs to tackle exist. Just the shift to cloud computing was enough to make an IT professional's head spin. Explore a variety of content from videos, demos, webinars, articles and papers. Table of contents bellow. With the right platform, partners and strategy, IT can begin delivering a flexible, modern infrastructure designed to give developers the freedom to innovate and to accelerate digital transformation—starting today. Meeting these challenges is what will eventually separate the winners from the losers. Although customer-facing technology transformation (websites, mobile apps, etc.) SMITH Pr Eng and F.A.C. Enterprise infrastructure is going through one of the most dramatic periods of change in the history of computing. Ahead of Open Networking & Edge Summit 2020 (being held virtually next week on September 28-30), hosted a Q&A with Ying Xiong of Futurewei — a Diamond Sponsor of ONES 2020, where he discussed addressing the challenges and trends of cloud infrastructure in the enterprise digital transformation journey and for the new types of workloads such as AI, 5G and IoT apps. By Ry Crozier on Sep 8 , 2020 12:26PM ... to address areas of concern but also predict areas of growth or challenges that we face Whilst the attributes of the digital infrastructure are clearly understood, we often overlook some of the initial digital transformation challenges that will need to be addressed if the move to digital is to become successful. It now plays a supporting role to people with the right skills. Resources. However, the transformation journey through these two diverse environments without any hiccups is quite challenging. More about the author at This IDC Survey Spotlight analyzes key strategic priorities and challenges for European public sector IT infrastructure transformation programs. Current Challenges with Digital Infrastructure Transformation in IT. There is a multitude of reasons to migrate to the cloud: agility, flexibility, performance, cost, digital transformation, etc. Strategy deployment will need a series of projects and activities that ideally are sponsored or championed by leaders and managers. Top digital transformation tech investment priorities for 2019: Cloud, cybersecurity, and AI. By Roger Burghall, Vince Grant, John Morgan . It has led to technology no longer providing a sustained competitive advantage. Infrastructure transformation. RPA will change IT infrastructure by simplifying IT complexities, augmenting IT infrastructure with AI capabilities and amplifying the human element of automation. He is a frequent speaker on the Board's role in cybersecurity and technology. The very basic things any executive should know about IT infrastructure. The digital transformation will bring along its own myriad of technical challenges and you need the right people on board. IT departments are leading enterprise transformation while being asked to reduce costs.