The singer is rumored to have been buried with a bottle of Old No 7. Updated origin story, straight from Sinatra, shared on Frankly Drinking podcast. When Sinatra started drinking Jack Daniel’s in 1947 — legend has it thanks to a tip from comedian Jackie Gleason — he was probably sipping a bigger and beefier iteration of the company’s classic Old No. To toast Sinatra’s centennial in 2015, Jack Daniel’s released a 100-proof version, Sinatra Century. “Frank’s introduced to Jack Daniel’s in around 1947, we’re a brand that’s under 200,000 cases at that point, very small brand,” Eddy says. Jack Daniels-destilleriet har släppt en specialutgåva av Tennessee whisky, lika djärv och tillfredsställande som dessa två tidlösa själar. Costco sells Jack Daniels by the barrel. best. Apparently, Frank Sinatra was a big Jack Daniel's fan and the bottle labeled Sinatra Select is as smooth as he was. It is made with whiskeys aged in special barrels dubbed « Sinatra barrels », that have deep grooves on the inside of the staves in order to bring more intensity to the whiskey, which displays accents of roasting and vanilla. Even Lady Gaga in this recent Frank Sinatra tribute she did on television will acknowledge Jack Daniel’s at the end because she knows the tie of Jack Daniel’s and Frank Sinatra.” Given that rich history and a rock and roll authenticity that can’t be bought, music is a big part of the Jack Daniel’s marketing and exposure plan going forward. If you want to buy Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select 1L, at Drinks&Co you will find the best prices for Whiskies Jack Daniel's Distillery. We have more than 59.000 products for sale which makes us leaders in the sector of selling wine, beer, and spirits in Europe thanks to more than 38.000 customers who shop at Drinks&Co. We are pleased to introduce Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century, one of the most limited Tennessee whiskeys we have ever released. Bourbon is a style of corn-based, barrel-aged whiskey that originated in the southern United States. Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select has been created in honour of this friendship with Old Blue Eyes. He even kept a stash of the classic whiskey on his private plane to enjoy while on the way to his next show, which would certainly beat a plastic cup of warm wine any day. 24.0k. Explore our wide selection of Jack Daniels products today! Made with unique “Sinatra Barrels” that have deep grooves specially carved into their staves to expose the whiskey to extra layers of toasted oak. The Sinatra Barrels are handcrafted with the addition of deep grooves on the inside of the barrel staves. Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select is bottled at 90 proof and gains its rich character from specially crafted “Sinatra Barrels” mingled with our classic Tennessee Whiskey. Frank Sinatra Is Back And Selling His Own Brand Of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Booze brand launches new campaign for upscale blend named for the legendary crooner. share. Tennessee- A classic whiskey crafted to honor Frank Sinatra's timeless good taste and 50 year friendship with Jack Daniel's. 3 years ago. Jack Daniels Sinatra Select $ 169.99. The Frank Sinatra Select is named for the alleged “biggest fan” of Jack Daniel’s. Costco sells Jack Daniels by the barrel. Thanks for watching My videos, please like, share & subscribe! Francis Albert "Frank" Sinatra, född 12 december 1915 i Hoboken i New Jersey, död 14 maj 1998 på Cedars-Sinai Medical Center i West Hollywood i Los Angeles i Kalifornien, var en amerikansk sångare som anses vara en av de främsta genom tiderna. hide. Order Jack Daniels online for curbside pickup, in-store pickup, delivery, or shipping in select states. Frank Sinatra och Jack Daniels För att hedra en legendarisk vänskap som sträckte sig över ett halvt sekel. ATLANTA, Oct. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire-- Frank Sinatra was introduced to Jack Daniel’s … Sinatra Century, at 100 proof, is the Jack Daniel Distillery's second offering to commemorate Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra was, to many, the greatest singer of the 20th century, as well as being an Oscar-winning actor and producer. Close. As its name suggests, « Sinatra Select » was created to honour legendary singer Frank Sinatra, a big Jack Daniel's fan. Dc costco: Jack Daniels 3-375mL pack (gentleman jack, single barrel, sinatra select) for $30 Costco has a stupidly good deal for 3 jack Daniels whiskeys. The crown jewel being the Sinatra select, which is $100+ for a 1L bottle, so $30 for a 375mL bottle + the other 2 is an insane deal of you want some JD. Frank Sinatra drank expensive red wines, and mixed martinis for his friends on the set of “Ocean’s Eleven.” And, he never forgot a pal’s favorite drink (according to Sinatra’s old friend Ed McMahon). To give Sinatra Select its distinct flavor, deep grooves are carved into handcrafted, charred oak barrels. Spirits manufacturer Jack Daniels has dug up Frank Sinatra’s eroded, velour-encased corpse and is parading it through the nation’s duty free stores, all in the name of higher quarterly profits. This thread is archived. Much like Frank himself, this Whiskey is one of a kind. Sinatra Select pays tribute to Jack’s biggest fan: Frank Sinatra. The bold, smooth qualities of the Sinatra Select come from the specially made Sinatra barrels in which part of the whiskey was aged. Off-stage, the life of Ol’ Blue Eyes was a maelstrom of four marriages, countless affairs, controversial alliances and late-night drinking exploits – most of them involving his beloved Jack Daniel’s. Sinatra Century honors the 100th birthday of Frank Sinatra. 7. Jack Daniel's is a brand of Tennessee whiskey and the top-selling American whiskey in the world. Deep grooves were cut into the staves of the casks, increasing the amount of exposure the whiskey had to the wood. Utformad för djärv smak & exceptionell smidighet "Det här är en gentlemännens drink. “Sinatra was drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels a day until he was 80,” Fink told me. Bottled from only 100 barrels hand-selected for their character, it is a toast to an icon and a life well lived. Posted by. Jack Daniels Sinatra Select Whiskey 1L. Oh yeah baby, Frankie's favorite juice...Mike puts this shoobie doobie do cocktail together, made with Jack and not much else. Aged in what the distillery calls their "Sinatra Barrels," the staves of the barrels are scored with deep grooves that allow more of the whiskey to touch the oak. Get it now at Drinks&Co, 100% safe, fast and easy. save. This dram was a special release in honor of Frank Sinatra – the most famous fan of Jack Daniel’s bourbon whiskey, along with late Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister (who according to Metal Injection also has a limited Jack Daniel’s named after him, Jack Daniel’s Selected Single Barrel). The vast majority of Bourbon is m ... Stores and prices for 'Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select Tennessee Whiskey ... ' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. Angelo Lucchesi, the first salesman for Jack Daniel's, talks with Frank Sinatra Jr. about the history between Jack Daniel's whiskey and Frank Sinatra. Archived. Frank Sinatra was a long time fan of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and was often seen sipping a glass of it on stage while singing 'Fly Me To The Moon' or 'My Way'. Users have rated this product 4 out of 5 stars. Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select. Sort by. 1.6k comments. Sinatra hade även en framgångsrik andrakarriär som filmskådespelare, vilken bland annat resulterade i en Oscar-statyett för bästa manliga biroll. It is produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee, by the Jack Daniel Distillery, which has been owned by the Brown–Forman Corporation since 1956. Sinatra Select pays tribute to Jack’s biggest fan: Frank Sinatra. For this new limited offering, the distillers have modified the barrels used for the aging process by digging deep grooves into the inside of the staves. Shop Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey at the lowest prices at Total Wine & More. Whiskey from specially crafted barrels mingle with Jack Daniel's producing a one of a kind spirit with bolder, smoother flavor. With that idea in mind, Arnett set out to make a whiskey in the style of vintage Jack Daniel’s. Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select Tennessee Whiskey pays tribute to Jack Daniel’s biggest fan: Frank Sinatra. But his own drink was a simple, but exacting mix of ice, Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey and water. In December 2012 Jack Daniel’s launched a new Tennessee Whiskey in Las Vegas Airport. Made with our unique “Sinatra Barrels” that have deep grooves specially carved into their staves to … Order online Jack Daniel's Sinatra 1 Ltr (1 LTR) on By Jeff Beer 1 minute Read Crafted for bold flavour & exceptional smoothness.

Much like Frank himself, this Whiskey is one of a kind. report. Sinatra Select pays tribute to Jack’s biggest fan: Frank Sinatra. This proprietary process doubles the barrel’s surface … Select Personalizations. Jack Daniel's home county of Moore is a dry county, so the product is not available for purchase at stores or restaurants within the county. Matured in unique Sinatra Barrels, this whiskey is made in homage to Frank Sinatra and his relationship with the venerable distillery. Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select Bold Smooth Classic Tennessee Whiskey. Hear the complete story of Frank Sinatra’s relationship with Jack Daniel’s on episode 16 of Frankly Drinking, which features two rare pours of the famed Tennessee whiskey and three rare Sinatra tracks including a disco cut, a 1970s B-side and Ol’ Blue Eyes’ final Reprise recording. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 91% Upvoted. level 1.