Psychologists that offer psychological counseling may use psychological tests and some other measurement techniques in psychological assessment. 10 0 obj Ethics Ch. areas with lower socioeconomic levels, psychologists living in rural areas, were addressed. American Psychological Association. Start studying Ethical Issues in Psychological Testing. endobj The initial interpretation in terview is particularly crucial to all fur ther treatment and habilitation attempts, and in this regard the "primary physician" is probably the most important individual the family will meet.Guidelines for counseling the parents of the retarded are outlined. All content in this area was uploaded by Reyhan Arslan on Aug 05, 2018, Journal of Family, Counseling, and Education, 3, A Review on Ethical Issues and Rules in Psychological Assessment, skills that can be evaluated through various methods. advantages, such as saving time and money, reduced im, reliability and validity of computer assisted a, personality, emotions and thoughts and psychological problems with. In this article, the author addresses the ethical questions and decision evaluators associated with the writing of psychological assessment reports. psychologist to take account of the relationship between personal and situational variables. Psychologists living in these areas may be obligated to co, ethical standards in test preparation and administration. PDF | This article attempts to introduce readers to what I have learned regarding ethical issues in psychological testing in Africa. Many of the greatest psychological studies have been hugely unethical. under the supervision of a qualified colleague of theirs (Werth, Hastings, and Riding-Malon, 2010). Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 19. assessment could be influenced by these attributes. This insider’s guide is an essential resource for new and established mental health practitioners. June 14, 2016 psychologists working in large cities. endobj Ethical issues in psych testing 1. In Britain, ethical guidelines for research are published by the British Psychological Society and in America by the American Psychological Association. Ethical Issues in Psychology PDF - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Ethical and professional issues in career assessment with lesbian, gay, and bisexual persons. [Turkish Psychological Association, 2004]). The growing number of older adults in America will result in an increasing demand for psychotherapists familiar with their psychological needs. biases” (Standard 9.05, Test Construction). should be paid to the issue of receiving informed co, informed consent unless they are proved to legally incapacit, are not deemed authorized to give an informed consent. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 20. issues in rural, impoverished, and managed care settings. between pathological left-handedness in special groups and familial left-handedness in the general population. Not obtaining informed consent may increase the psychologist’s liability from damages that may occur from law suits that may be filed against him by the patient. endobj Reduction of hand mouthing by a boy with profound mental retardation, Medical Counseling of Parents of the RetardedThe Importance of a Right Start, Evaluating function of mentally retarded children through the use of toys and play activities. Currently, the Ethics Committee adopts new standards based on contemporary complaints and issues within the profession. Prince 9.0 rev 5 ( The incidence of familial left-handedness was also raised in the retarded groups. Psychology is a very sensitive field and ethical concerns are likely to arise when carrying out research and prescribing any method of treatment to an individual. The ethical issues to be covered include informed consent, multicultural considerations, release of test data, third party requests for services, and assessment in the digital age. The diagnosis of an LLD requires a discrepancy, based on age and intelligence, between potential and achievement. (1992). endobj However, this makes psychologist… 27 0 obj American Psychological Association’s Ethics Code (2010) as follows: validity of the test and mitigation or elimination of, (Gottfredson, 1994). The phases of this model. endobj For example, given that the majority of the standardized Ethical principles of psycholo-gists and code of conduct. Pathological left-handedness: Is it familial? These results are inconsistent with the popular theoretical distinction, Expansion in comprehensive programs for the chronically handicapped, and the multidisciplinary approach to evaluation, have produced problems in communica tion, not only among the professional dis ciplines concerned, but between the pro fessionals and the families seeking help. Introduces “hot topic” sections at the end of chapters to demonstrate the applicability of the Code in the face of emerging moral debates – such as the involvement in psychologists in military interrogations and the integration of religion and spirituality in therapy propriate use of tests and test data and testing is under increased scrutiny in education, employment and health care. These concepts are described. 2019-06-24T10:37:16-07:00 under legal conditions and if demanded by courts”. Intended Audience In this review, firstly the definition, purposes, and the stages of psychological assessment are explained. Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (American Education Research Association, 1999) clearly states that bias in test selection, administration, and interpretation must be avoided, potentially discriminatory assessment practices in these settings (Padilla, 2001). Ethical Issues in Psychological Testing One of the major ethical issues associated with psychological testing is the privacy issue. Regulatory-legal framework for the use of assessment centres in South Africa Any form of psychological assessment in SA is controlled within an extensive regulatory-legal framework. The Health Legal Issues and Professional Psychology. <> 2019-06-24T10:37:16-07:00 application/pdf About 50% of children with an LLD also have a comorbid Axis I psychiatric disorder. Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics . Polarization on the issues seems to prevail, as the views of outspoken advocates of standardized intelligence tests (e.g., Jensen, 1976) are diametrically opposed to the claims of vocal critics such as Hilliard (1975) and Williams (1972, 1974), who stress racial bias as an inherent property of … principle, individuals with questionable capacity, Vasquez, 2010). Key Features of the Second Edition: It is clear from the above discussion that ethical issues may well arise in the use of ACs generally, supporting a need for research in this field. Down's syndrome and non-retarded individuals were compared. <> Ethics in psychology: Professional standards and. 46 0 obj ndard 9.07, Assessment by Unqualified Persons). Patients can be informed as to the, patient, this situation should be regarded as a limitation while conveying the test. uuid:33d7dac3-abd4-11b2-0a00-782dad000000 Departures from standard procedures during test administration may change the meaning of test scores, because scores based on norms derived from standardized procedures may not be appropriate; error terms and rates may also be affected. endobj endobj This chapter explores the ethical problems inherent in the sequence of steps involved in psychological assessment (i.e., before, during, and following the actual contact with the person being assessed). Indiana University School of Medicine . American Psychological Association. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. inferences regarding their client to obsolete and disused information or test results. According, diagnosing on the sole basis of test results should be strictly avoided (Szasz, 1970). Ethical issues arise before assessments are undertaken, during the testing process or collection of data, and after the information collected is scored, interpreted, and translated into a report. 2 0 obj Psychological Testing and Psychological Assessment A Review of Evidence and Issues Stephen E. Finn Lorraine D. Eyde Gary G. Kay Kevin L. Moreland Robert R. Dies Elena J. Eisman Tom W. Kubiszyn and Geoffrey M. Reed Gregory J. Meyer University of Alaska Anchorage Center for Therapeutic Assessment U.S. Office of Personnel Management <> Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. 28 0 obj Includes an alternate “Table of Contents” organized so readers and instructors can quickly find how standards throughout the Ethics Code relate to specific concerns and settings (Maruish, 2002) asserts that informed consent is a continuous process and requires on going solicitations. endobj H��VMo�@��W�1�����/sARR�8 �R�IL]���B�=�vb�GE�l'��f���^���_�[\}��ٮ]\��$J4K�#��2�\�t�X� ���JGVbZ�/!���b�4����)@ĥ����Xc�c�V [��( �Q�# 1W+ �aR���"�bk�e��X@��;�-A�0�+p���Q���D�~,Uwǘ��qx���*̗_p�̖��c>:x�E0 ���:��0���ۿ��w� n�qg�ݼ�]L��Y���0�� $�_�&N� I����V�T�Gܶ=fk�O �?��'�R^l7��E0��ñ/���zZ��f�� �D,���os��se��!�6�&1#�e�=畏V�-dҡ����֜��i����@fN�Y!�����5B!��H�h ���\]���2�K�8R��;&R�ʛ��T�>�ږ�^�3��=Jk��\i�7���^���љ��_g��������)uN�/��z"Bw&�'�z��Jsn6*0Ð�����?�z:}�;��XO;���_���CA74�1���g��g�}�ɥ���{Q��nu'Z�k�=j�$I���S�)� ��9��,n�}�_V�W��b��*��_*lj����K(F3)>�����/�%�v=)�/���X2�v�G��!��.�+�U��]��c�����{���%�{�I��4���/w�3|�A�^t�.��c�� �Un�I������^��a_d�}l�c޲/y�>�v��m�����u��y{(�+*�v۠�BE��p��_ﶩ7���=�t��ys���3[�yvh���m���+&8��{�.� assessment should be establishing a good relationship with their clients (Finn, 2007). <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> Long-term prognosis depends on the type and severity of the LLD, the availability of remediation, and the presence of a supportive family and school environment. ��#�7�ηό��r~W�f�9%@53��8 ������������y�����&(��:m�b��yh,�ӏ�|��իZ�+�PWq�Y2��#���2��Vf�J'�u��sOk{.���o�/JGu�*���-�f9��`Ux�":&�0��xOMv�Pl�{��,�x^���6�c��ԅ̊��3�_tU6�>���%8I�{�/hZ�04�����NٍZi.y|CBh�*6�����3RO��{�����g���$�2�MR��Z�N6u�1�;��B� ��/����j��qZ��X�u��6�#�poM� ������7h�^�!8�8j� �r�w�s�4DQ'��x2�Z��� What challenges and insights has it presented over the past six years? received from the parents for assessment of individuals under the age of 18. Hand preferences and the incidence of familial sinistrality of developmentally retarded. Ethical Issues and Rules in Psychological Assessment, cussed within the frame of American Psychological Association’s Ethics Code (2010). <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> LLDs are among the most common developmental disorders the clinician is likely to encounter. In a sense, the definitions regarding the client are evaluated in a situational context. <> … Therefore, informed consent should be received, patients with a simple language and receive their consent accordingly. The clinician is instrumental in identifying and treating comorbid conditions, including determining the appropriateness of medication. The American journal of occupational therapy. <>stream 25 0 obj 33 0 obj Several United States Supreme Court decisions also discuss the concept of error and reliability of data as relevant to the admissibility of expert testimony. But what exactly is a psychological test? endobj All rights reserved. 43 0 obj Any psychological test is carried out with the implicit understanding that the findings of the test will not be divulged to any other third parties (McIntire & Miller, 2007). In this article I address ethical issues in the areas of informed consent, nondiscriminatory assessment, projective personality assessment, and computerized psychological testing. <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> After that, ethical rules of psychological assessment are examined in ways that include both tests and other techniques in the context of ethical principles in the Ethical Guidelines of American Psychological Association.