or ProSound And Stage Lighting as we have been known, has been serving the DJ community for over 30 years. This group was created for the buying, selling, and trading of any used gear related to stage production, audio, and lighting. PICK OF THE WEEK (NEW) APEX 3224 Mobile stage SYSTEM Call for VIP … Stage lighting is the craft of lighting as it applies to the production of theater, dance, opera, and other performance arts. Hard Light: Hard light is just as it sounds: harsh. Wall continues to offer superior levels of service to a large customer base in the midst of a challenging economic climate. To help the director create a mood. If it can be used on a stage then you can post it in this group. Solaris is global distributor of used and new PRO AV sound, lighting and video equipment. IO16 R&R Road Case -----FEATURED LISTING. 4Wall is a lighting, video & rigging company dedicated to serving the entertainment industry. Welcome to - the home for Lighting&Sound America (LSA) magazine and PLASA Media Inc.'s leading daily news service for the entertainment technology industry. Several different types of stage lighting instruments are used in this discipline. The speed of Light travel is very much greater than the speed of the sound.Hence, we see light first during lightening as it travels fast to our eyes. We strive to perfect the art of presentation, from archival film to digital cinema and sound. All transactions are processed in CAD funds. Canada's best Pro Sound & DJ, Video, Stage Lighting, Studio Recording and Musical Instrument gear source based in Ottawa, Ontario. We focused on the key concepts (the properties of light and sound), and used some visuals to help explain these points. Light waves move at speeds that are nearly one million times faster than sound waves are capable of traveling. FREE Shipping. Created 21 Nov 2014. Initially, the core business was primarily involved with hire of professional sound and lighting equipment to DJs and bands as well as installation in nightclubs, pubs, schools and various other venues. Professional used equipment Sound enhances the imaginary world, it can provide depth, establish character and environment, introduce a new scene or cue the viewer to important information. Sound and light travel at significantly different speeds. Live Sound & Lighting. Used Live Sound & Lighting Gear; Used PA Systems & Speakers; Used PA Systems & Speakers. Acclaim Sound & Lighting shall endeavor to maintain the highest standards for accuracy and attention to detail, however we reserve the right to make changes at any time, without notice, to products, prices, descriptions, images and policies. The sun’s energy also powers solar cells, which can be used to create electricity. 55-point Guitar Inspection. SUPPORT #WeMakeEvents EMAIL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TODAY. How about a whole CYBER WEEK! +1 (404) 994-2496 - Español Discuss where light and sound come from and then they can do the front cover of the journal. 5. DJ and Lighting Gear For Sale on Reverb. SC48 DIGIDESIGN (AVID) VENUE ... MEYER SOUND M'ELOD BARCO FL35 View All. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Pro Light and Sound Classifieds with DJ Gear, Band, Pro Audio, Pro Lighting and Employment Ads. Get More at Sweetwater. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon. FlyAway on February 21st, 2015 at 7:26 am said: Excellent and timely article, thanks. Please send press releases to and other subscription, … Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives. | Secondhand Sound and Lighting Equipment | The best place to buy Sound Equipment, Lamps, Stages, Dance Floors Boston Light & Sound delivers first-class audio and visual experiences. Looking for used live sound & lighting gear? We sell top brands such as L-Acoustics , Martin Professional , d&b Audiotechnik , Christie Digital , Meyer Sound , Clay Paky , Barco , JBL , Varilite and many more. Browse a wide variety of used live sound & lighting gear with great prices — only at Sweetwater! Sound can also travel long distances. Buy & Sell - New & Used Professional Audio, Video, Staging & Lighting Equipment (Celebrating our 23rd anniversary linking buyers and sellers) PICK OF THE WEEK. An ideal starting point when setting up lighting for any shot is a key light, fill light and backlight. 134,061 The increasing use of soft lighting techniques, whether they relied on reflectors or diffusers, had particular benefits for facial lighting. You may not expect it, but even lighting can add to and create meaning in a film.