Act 1974, all businesses with 5 or more employees must have a written health and safety policy in place. II. In the Responsibilities for Health and Safety, it should contain the list of the names and position and roles of the people who have individual and specific role in maintaining the health and safety in the workplace. Everyone has a responsibility to contribute, either by assignment, by design or inherently to the system. The accounting department is responsible for a large number of administrative functions within an organization. His/her job description entails assisting health and safety regulators in carrying out a routine check on his/her … All Directors should understand their legal responsibilities when it comes to health and safety. Reviews Executive Director's performance annually and establishes the salary 4. Legal issues loom large in the medical profession, so keeping current on laws and regulations is one of the healthcare administrator’s most important responsibilities. This policy is the bedrock or foundation of the OHSMS. – They should appoint a responsible person to be the health and safety representative of the working environment. What Does a Health and Safety Manager Do? – Business owners need to make sure their employees understand and follow the health and safety rules in place. Division of Responsibilities The following is a list of personnel who have fiscal and accounting responsibilities: Board of Directors 1. A top responsibility of management is to establish a documented health and safety policy. The most common responsibilities of the accounting department are The occupational health and safety (OHS) policy should explain the organization’s commitments to the four points below: Protection of employee health and safety Under the Health and Safety at Work etc. The agency that has overall responsibility for administering and enforcing the OSH Act. Ownership, Responsibility, and Accountability Ownership Determining who has ownership in a safety and health management system should be fairly straightforward. As a health and safety manager you have a range of responsibilities. Legal Responsibilities. – There should be a health and safety law poster visible in the workplace. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commision (OSHRC) Reviews and approves the annual budget 2. Contents 1.Whoisthisguidanceaimedat? The purpose of the Health and Safety policies and procedures is to guide and direct all employees to work safely and prevent injury, to themselves and others. Health & Safety Manual Page 2 of 20 Forward Your Company Name is committed to the Health and Safety of all our employees. The health and safety manager is responsible for maintaining minimum standards of health and safety upon a premise in order to ensure that minimum standards of safety as identified by the employer and regulators are complied with. You should implement this policy to prevent the aforementioned risks. You should: Formulate policies and procedures. Reviews annual and periodic financial statements and information 3. OSHA establishes safety standards, conducts inspections of workplaces, and provides information to employers and employees about workplace safety and health issues. Though considered "back office" activities, these functions are essential to the proper operation of a business. Everyone who works at the company should own at least part of the system. 4 2.Whymanagesafetyandhealthatwork? Above and beyond managing risk to create a safe working environment, the administrator will also: The Safety Manager - the individual who is managing and providing oversight of the safety program - is the bureau's point of contact for the bureaus safety program, and performs the following functions: Provides appropriate safety and health, accident prevention, and investigation training for … Their roles should be supported by formal individual terms of reference.