Some international students prefer to rent a room or a sub-let from a Danish student or landlord. Outside Copenhagen Skovskolen. Clik here to get an overview of the rentalmarket.. Click here to see what the tenants are looking for right now... 62 m2 apartment for rent on Søndre Fasanvej, Valby, 90 m2 apartment for rent on C F Møllers Allé, Copenhagen S, 90 m2 apartment for rent, 2300 København S, 94 m2 apartment for rent, 2300 København S, 96 m2 apartment for rent, 2300 København S, 79 m2 apartment for rent, 2300 København S. Others rent an apartment or a house, which they share with friends. We have organised the dorms into geographical city areas, starting with Vesterbro. Housing Students visualize and supply relevant studios to all students, regardless of where in the country the need for studios is. We are a non-profit organization helping international students and researchers at the University of Copenhagen find accommodation for … 6.460 student- and youth accommodations in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas – free of charge. To assist your search, the University of Copenhagen provides some useful information and links. Consequently, the housing situation – especially in July, August and September – tends to be a bit challenging. The process for registering in Copenhagen as a non-EU student is mostly the same as for EU students. Student housing in Copenhagen: The guide Dormitories. For urgent after hours assistance you can call +45 72 10 90 01. You will preference your housing choices during the registration process. Our aim is to include projects that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both. ... KKIK and CIU manage a large number of dorms in the Copenhagen area. Book your room today! It is also possible to rent a room in a shared apartment on a short-term basis from Danish students. Flats and apartments, university dorms, studios and rooms for rent. and cafes throughout its diverse and vibrant neighbourhoods. See details about applying to housing on each option’s page. Find your rental property in Copenhagen with Denmark’s oldest and safest rental platform. Whether you choose to live in a student residence, apartment or house you will have to cater for yourself. As a student, you have access to affordable housing options. At Basecamp, you’re never more than a short walk from your next adventure. find apartments on Student housing and accommodation for students and Erasmus in Copenhagen, Denmark. is one of the greatest portals for housing in Copenhagen. Search through a wide range of student rentals available for mid- and long-term rent: rooms, flats and shared apartments close to universities. Whether you’re looking to supercharge your studies, get in shape or just hang out, There is no guarantee that you will get your first priority. The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) has a sports association, USG, that offers all students more than 80 different sporting activities. Rooms at a lower price level in Copenhagen are hard to find. There is, however, a waiting list for social housing unless rare circumstances permit. Available immediately! Student Housing Reasonably priced, student-friendly apartments are hardly to get hold of, especially for international students. This guide is an overview with links to all of the dormitory and student accomodation reviews we have published so far, written by the people who know them the best: the people who live there. You can apply for these using the CBS Housing on-line application process. Here you can also find links to relevant housing portals and find more advice on search for housing as a student. Student Housing & Student Apartments in Copenhagen. WHERE TO LOOK FOR ACCOMMODATION? It is not recommendable to wait until you have arrived in Copenhagen. Book your student accommodation with Uniplaces. Are you looking for temporary student housing while studying in Copenhagen? However, you can search and get on the waiting list for special student housing with cheap rent. To find out what is included in each housing option, go to Comprehensive Housing and Student Affairs Inclusions. Erasmus student housing Search. Copenhagen Apartments for Rent Apartments, Rooms & Flatshares in Copenhagen. Find your rental property in Copenhagen with Denmark’s oldest and safest rental platform. c/o, Apartments for rent in København Vesterbro, Apartments for rent in København Østerbro, Apartments for rent in København Nørrebro. 5,891 students and young people in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas. Instead, sign up for public housing (social housing) in Copenhagen or, better even, in the suburbs.
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