We purchased the same unit again. The measurements were jumping all over from about 12VAC to 70VAC. $107.99. I just submitted my information/situation. By placing it in and out of the demo mode I am able to get the refrigerator working again (sometimes for a few days and sometimes for a few weeks). Wear dry gloves to feel. Seems to ramp up very slowly, then sense the load and adjust continuously. On our Customer Care page, you can find warranty and repair info and a whole lot more. I had mine for 5 years and it was covered. It is still jumping all over but this time it is jumping up above 100VAC. It is that bad. It costs over $2K and is known to break down with 18 months. WOW!! Thank you! My problem is that with the cubes/crushed switch in crushed, it works fine. LG 4-Pack Replacement Refrigerator Air Filter for LG LT120F Kenmore Elite … 01 - Clogged or Freezing Defrost Drain. If you have a Kenmore refrigerator, you likely appreciate its sleek appearance, high-tech features and high-quality display. Something to think about if you find that the compressor is faulty. @Melissaann501 did you get any news on possible solutions? ft. Smart 4-Door Refrigerator - Black Stainless Steel. Got a tech out to look at it and he pulled the drawer completely off and said there was no freeze pattern which means the compressor isn’t working. Thank you. Great. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Been reading a lot of articles on here. Just to inform most of you out there a refrigeration system is never supposed to run into a vacuum state, it might be around 5PSI and that would be if the coils were frozen but never into a vacuum, especially when the evaporator and freezer coils are as warm as they are. Anyone have any idea what is going on? Hopefully that fixes it but i have high doubts it will due to reading this last comment regards the compressor. LG AAP73252202. Kenmore refrigerators come in many colors and finishes, including white, black, and bisque. Summary of Contents for Kenmore Kenmore Elite Side by Side Refrigerator Page 1 Use & Care Guide Lado a Lado Refrigerador Guia para su uso y cuidado Compartiments C6te _ C6te R_frig_rateur Guide d'utilisation et d'entretien Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. www.sears.com Sears Canada, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2B8 241566600(0403) He said the control panel needed to be replaced so I ordered a new one. Needless to say stuff started to melt. Brought it to repair store and they said it may be the mother board. Tony Powell. Professional Read more. Usually ships within 4 to 5 days. Looking for advice on what to do next. It had the exact same symptoms you describe. The Kenmore Elite is, overall, one of the largest french door refrigerators available. Then making %#*@ sure that he or she either blows out the entire system with nitrogen or even better yet flush out the system with FJC 2032 Flush Solvent to get rid of these particles. +1-888-873 … There is no one in our area who fixes LG or Samsung made refrigerators. No, GE fridges have the bad relay on the 942 board, NOT the LG/Elite models. Your Kenmore Elite Refrigerator should last you a long time. You see with this compressor running in the vacuum state it gets absolutely no cooling (or a slight amount of refrigerant flood back known as super heat to keep this compressor cool) My refrigerator now runs around 36 degrees with it set to 34 and the freezer runs at around -10 degrees. @mlsandses. Don’t know how long it will work and I don’t trust it. if in the piping or the condenser coils etc then that particular section needs to be replaced. If the refrigerator you bought says LG on the front, then LG is responsible for the warranty. The fan I checked is behind the fridge, along with compressor. Compressor shot ordered new one under warranty. Has anyone found the fix to this? We shouldnt have to take a hit on food expenses and repairs. A slim model, but still a nice big capacity refrigerator. I bought my Kenmore elite model 795.75043 last November 2018. This will apply to any refrigerator purchased in the past 5 years and should help a lot of people experiencing this compressor problem. Bought Kenmore Elite refrigerator model 795.74023.411 on 1/8/2016 for $2599.99 on 6/4/2020 it stopped cooling. Sears Parts Direct has parts, manuals & part diagrams for all types of repair projects to help you fix your refrigerator! *The process is very similar in other name brand refrigerators such as LG & Samsung. I bought the extended warranty for $500 too! Don't buy from Sears. I'm going to Grainger in the morning and see about, a 40u450VAC cap, and see if this will "kick-start", the compressor better. Unfortunately, I cannot get any info as to whether it will apply to Kenmore branded LG systems like mine. I have the Kenmore model 795.73055.410 / Serial no 506TRVM2C047. We have a Kenmore Elite 795.71042.010 (8 years old) that stopped cooling and doesn’t seem to get any colder than 60 or so. Nothing is being done. Kenmore Elite Lg 6615JB2005H Refrigerator Defrost Sensor Assembly Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part. You should hear the motor start. Says there is nothing he can do and to call back if it happens again. My Kenmore Elite 74015 30.6 cu. Tony Powell. So is it the defrost mode not turning off? Description: Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Parts | Model 79578753802 | Sears with regard to Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Parts Diagram, image size 1000 X 773 px, and to view image details please click the image.. Kenmore Appliances have been trusted for over 100 years. Trish DeLillo says: April 27, 2014 at 3:50 … December 03, 2020. You will have to pay for any labour but not for any parts that are found to be faulty. Tall ice bin with easy on … This is crazy. Have dealt with this 2x in 3 years. Any advice will be appreciated…. I almost NEVER replace an LG control board for not cooling issues, Almost 99.99% the bad linear compressor. After it is fully defrosted, clean it, open the vent and clean it, check for anything that could block air flow. It’s 2 years old and I’ve been advised to trash it. I replaced the main board but it didn't help. Has water dispenser on front, ice maker in freezer. Completely stopped cooling. Although they’re known for having the latest design and technologically-advanced features, Kenmore Elite refrigerators also have a reputation for reliability. Bought Kenmore Elite refrigerator model 795.74023.411 on 1/8/2016 for $2599.99 on 6/4/2020 it stopped cooling. 10/27/2019 by The labor isn’t covered and it cost me $380 and some change to fix it. It is a difficult job and experience and special tools are needed. The compressor is switched off as are the fans and the heater turned on. I know way more then I’d like about Refrigerators. Compressor lines are warm to the touch and condenser coils are not getting hot like they should. Compressor runs constantly without kicking out. How can I make sure not to get another model that uses this problematic LG compressor? Kenmore French door refrigerators combine sleek design with flexible storage options and smart capabilities. Here is the straight scoop: It is the LG LINEAR COMPRESSOR that is failing. From the newest innovative smart appliances to all the tried and true kitchen, cooking, and laundry staple appliances. Then when your refrigerator breaks you pay 1/2 price. We have a Kenmore Elite 795.71042.010 (8 years old) that stopped cooling and doesn’t seem to get any colder than 60 or so. That is what Kenmore Elite means, made by another co. I decided the check the running voltage at “CON201” again. Width 32.75, height 69.50, depth 29 inches 32 to end of … I also opted to purchase the one-year Sears warranty for $200. Everything operates normally with no error codes. Trabajando bien hasta ahora. I read a comment on here where the voltage was all over the place during testing the voltage on the compressor. The sealed system has 5 year warranty and the compressor has 10 year warranty. If not it means that there is no refrigerant being pumped through the system, so perhaps the compressor is faulty. View our large selection of top quality products & product information here. This is a huge flaw on these refrigerators. The defrost cycle varies between makers. polkatrumpeter. Check the warranty on your model (look in the user guide) to see what it says. I am waiting for it to happen again soon. The Sears repair tech failed to show up today after I took the day off and rescheduled for Friday. And so when I see that the low side of the system is in a vacuum state and the output side of the compressor is reading 110 PSIG pressure then there is a restriction some where in the system. Among the items was a white Kenmore Elite Counter Depth refrigerator made by LG. French doors up top and freezer below. Comes with an in-freezer ice maker. I feel sick about it going to the landfill. so I changed it to the next size 0.040 I.D. Fixed, same issue, as compressor has not been recalled or changed. If they can’t fix it, they replace it. Kenmore appliances have won … No no-no. Thanks for that info! They say LG’s Kenmore refrigerators demonstrate a pattern and history of breakdowns, adding further that “LG’s compressors have caused consumers problems for many years.” Refrigerators (11) Ranges see more (11) Washers (8) Small Kitchen Appliances (6) Microwaves (5) Appliance Accessories (5) Range Hoods (5) Vacuums & Floor Care (4) Air Conditioners (4) Heating, Cooling & Air Quality (3) Built-In Cooking (2) Appliances Bundles (2) Washer and Dryer Sets (1) Water Coolers & Filter Systems. It's a little over a year old, shouldn't be anything major. Sears refuses to honor warranty because we had someone else look at it first who … The refrigerant would have to be extracted, the faulty part replaced, the sealed system needs then to be evacuated (vacuum created) and new refrigerant put in and then the system needs to be tested to make sure that the pressures, temperatures etc, are OK and then resealed again. sounds like were all in the same boat here, approx 4 years ago we purchased a Kenmore elite fridge and just last month the 2nd compressor went out just the same. Also check that the evap unit is icy cold. My fridge was still not cooling perfectly, so what I ended up doing was cutting open the system and changing out the 3-way refrigerant valve (this valve supplies gas for both the refrigerator and the freezer cooling evaporators) it either sends gas to the fridge or the freezer depending on which one needs cooling at the time. The compressor is running and the cooling fan for the coils is free flowing and running. It was all over the place like the other measurement. All technicians tell me compressor will fail in 12-24 months. Sears Parts Direct has parts, manuals & part diagrams for all types of repair projects to help you fix your refrigerator! I did pay for extended warranty service knowing these French door refriges have issues. 4.5 out of 5 stars 73. The Kenmore Elite is, overall, one of the largest french door refrigerators available. I'm NOT impressed with my Kenmore Elite Refrigerator nor their lack of any service whatsoever. Kenmore Elite 72483 29.9 cu. Kenmore Elite Pro Kenmore's upscale line of appliances Customer Reviews (67067) All Reviews are from verified customers of Sears Home Services. I already bought new fridge and this is my garage project. Read more . FREE Shipping … Actually, I LOVE to work on them. Replaces AP3778594, 1065075, AH968756, EA968756, PS968756, 2188875. clear all Your Selections: Brand. The compressor is covered by Sears, but not the labor. Repair guy said it’s out of Freon and that’s in an unreachable part of the refrigerator. He told me he had a French Door made by LG and put is to the curb. 01/08/2019 by The temp in the freezer goes up to 32 deg F (0 deg C). KenmoreElite 46 9490 ADQ73613402, 469490, 46-9490, LT800P Refrigerator Water Filter, 3 Pack. 240350903 FRIGIDAIRE KENMORE REFRIGERATOR MEAT PAN FRAME ONLY. ft. Smart French Door Fingerprint Resistant... Kenmore 72597 27.8 cu. February 10 by Two days later (today) it started to work again and the temps are now normal. 12/16/2019 by Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerators 15 items & marketplace (15) Only (15) In-store: set your location. It should be 80VAC. I did notice the inside edge of the door was very warm but not now. Post your items for free. Unfortunately, this was the only real option I had at the time. Finding a refrigerator that matches the décor of your kitchen is a factor that you should not ignore. If it is less than 5 years from the date of purchase there is a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on the sealed system (see p.3). I don't agree as it has been there for years without problem. 90. $29.95. Came to house 5x. But what happens is that when fridge is calling for cooling and not the freezer this cap tube being the size it is and only one of the tubes flowing refrigerant at the time overloads the compressor and it really struggles to push this small amount of gas. rainbowshalom. Good luck. I bought my refrigerator for $2200 3 yrs ago. Thank you for any direction or advice you can provide. Buyer Beware!!!! LG AAP73252202 Refrigerator … The one in the rear freezer panel, is not running at all. My owners manual says sealed system is 5 years and compressor is 10 years, KRISTINE MCKENNA The quote was $750 to repair, so we scrapped it. On Dec 14 the temp started to climb again. The Sears repairman told us it was due to the appliance being too close to the wall. You did say that you checked the freon. Ft. Trio Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Use & Care Manual (34 pages) Use and care guide Manual is suitable for 2 more products: Elite 795.7834 Series Elite 795.7835 Series And like stated above no one wants to work on them. On the seventh day the refrigerator started working again. Rich Conrad, Michelle Smith I can hear the fan running in the fridge, and it shuts off when door is opened. Compressor and freon was covered under warranty but they wanted 600 for labor so i decided to buy a compressor online and install it myself. The high and low line pressures when compressor is running are about 125 and 7 respectively, which is about where they were when the compressor was changes (100/0 according to my notes). Mi nevera es igual y se le ha cambiado 3 veces el compresor ahora volvio a fallar y cambiaron ambos evaporadores. Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Ice Maker Troubleshooting. I felt bad that they had a 3 hour repair job full on soldering - and it still didn’t fix it, For LG to make such bad refrigerators and make the repair like surgery - where the labor is over $500 - my fridge is still not cooling - and I’m close to buying another fridge - I’m just hoping that they will honor their Warranty - 4 appointments geeesh, It’s so crazy that they had no idea that selling me something that broke that they could’ve fix did not make me want to pay them a monthly fee, January 25 by If the problem turns out to be the compressor then there is a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on it. So I'm interested in knowing what you found out as well. Kenmore 7857 - Elite 24.8 cu. ft. Smart French Door Refrigerator - Black. The sheet recommended testing the voltage with the compressor connector connected and after 10 minutes check the voltage on “CON201” (you will have to push test leads into back of connector to make contact). appliance repair. It costs over $2K and is known to break down with 18 months. No error codes. Or , simply pry it out of the casing and unplug it. My tech guy this year was at my house 5x, he is constantly on the phone with LG. Long story short, I ended up correcting this problem with cutting open the back of my refrigerator to get access to this capillary tube and removing it and installing the next size tube to help relieve this pressure and it’s worked great ever since…. 01/07/2019 by Most likely they will not do anything, again. Do not but a French door refrigerator by Kenmore Elite (actual manufacturer is LG) . Kenmore Elite Refrigerators 18 items & marketplace (18) Only (18) In-store: set your location. Another $95 bill and nothing to show for it. I assume it is not worth fixing again unless someone knows otherwise. The compressor should have a 10 year warranty. I don’t know if this has anything to do with my refrigerator working again, but after a week of no cooling or freezing I put it in and out of demo mode a couple of times. Expect this. Kenmore is a registered trademark of KCD IP, LLC. 4 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - 240350903 FRIGIDAIRE KENMORE REFRIGERATOR … And every part that makes it all work must be in good working order. I need your assistance with Kenmore Elite refrigerator problems. It appears to be a common occurrence for these refrigerators to stop working for no known reason, and Kenmore has no fix for it. The entire refrigerator is not cooling . Latest repairs, new compressor installed 2x, upgrade to circuit system to help w/ known problem, new refrigerator coils, Freon leaking 2x, proper balance between Refrig and Freezer off. The evap fan blows cold air throughout the freezer and also into the fridge as well. This is done by depressing the refrigerator temperature and icemaker buttons simultaneously for five seconds. Everything is working on my fridge its just not cooling. What did you find out? melissaann501, After all the headaches with sears and spending hours and hours and i mean over 8 hrs on the phone every single say being transfered from department to department, i gave up. ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer... Kenmore Elite 72489 29.9 Cu. 4.6 out of 5 stars 32. ft. French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker –... Kenmore 72595 27.8 cu. Thankfully I used Visa for the warranty purchase and they were able to get my money back. It is handy as it gives an idea of the general location of the parts. Be aware though that it only has a warranty on the parts not the labour. Our Kenmore refrigerator repair manual cuts out all the unnecessary theory and sealed system repairs that the novice will never perform. The compressor is a known problem. I believe the refrigerator keeps getting stuck in a defrost mode. 13. Removed all the food and placed it in our garage refrig. Average user reviews are 3.5 out of 5. Sears went out of business shortly after I bought the fridge. Paid $270 14 months ago and $450 this time. The tech of coming tomorrow. and one more thing like I said in one of my other posts is that when i originally put my refrigeration gauges on the system I was getting a reading of 110 gauge pressure on the high side and pulling itself into a vacuum on the low side. i dont think i remember it running that long and only 4-5 min rest time for the compressor….doesnt seem right to me. Im already leaning towards the compressor failing. melissaann501. Check out our diverse refrigeration selections here. Summary of Contents for Kenmore Elite Side by Side Refrigerator Page 1 Side by Side Refrigerator Refrigerador de dos puertas R_frig_rateur c6te & c6te Sears Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL … Anyway when this fridge runs for awhile the refrigerant and or mineral oil starts to break down this coil and cause contaminants to float within the system, sure the filter/dryer catches these particles but over time this dryer starts to become plugged and pose problems for the entire system. Plaintiffs Shannon Marriot and Michael Wasle both bought Kenmore Elite branded refrigerators in 2016. So looks like i’ll be disassembling the new compressor from the lines and back flushing the entire system with FJC 2032 Flush Solvent and dry nitrogen. $16.22. Expect to be transferred all over the Philippines and get no answers, except being referred back to pay $50 a month to insure your appliances. After 30 seconds it should go to 200VAC. I suppose it could be a restriction or maybe the 2-way valve that supplies the two evaporator circuits is not operating properly. The tech guy this year who fixed my Refrig was great, but had to have 5 fixes. That's Kenmore. This circuit board does some strange things to the drive voltage. I do this all the time, I am a appliance technician. If you purchased an Elite model you paid for the privilege of having a longer warranty on the sealed system, @jayeff it is an Elite, so that gives me hope!! Kenmore Elite 72483. Customer Service takes hours of calls, thrown all over the world. Kenmore elite French door refrigerator with lower freezer. Use wire baskets and divider drawers to keep your food items organized in the bottom freezer. That's what Sears did. I have the same problem. Close and open door and listen if you can hear it start / stop with door close / open. This is second time in 3 years. But I am praying they honor fixing the sealed system as my 5 years was up February 19, it quit working in April and they are taking over a month to get out to my house =(. This is a really horrible fridge….. we love it but hate it at the same time…. If it is in an unreachable part of the fridge it is still covered. My 2016 Kenmore "not so" Elite compressor failed in 2018, replaced $99 after many weeks waiting for repairs through Sears. Last year, no working refrigerator for 1 month, this year + Corona, The compressor is warranty for 10 years. We emptied the freezer (all to the garbage) and pulled the appliance out away from the wall. So… I am considering buying a new refrigerator. Is it really the compressor that goes bad? We all need to get together for a lawsuit. Why trust BestReviews? They ordered parts to test the Freon, one week, then more parts, two more weeks, fianally said it was a Freon leak somewhere in the cabinet somewhere would not be able to repair the unit. Top is near 40-47 and freezer below is high 20s. add to compare compare now. Which fan is running? Accessibility. Technician finally returned to finish the job. The Kenmore Elite fridges are made by LG, which has worse quality than Kenmore. That's what I did. Amazon's Choice for kenmore elite refrigerator door bin. Decent techs tell you the problem. An ideal refrigerator for the home cook and families on-the-go. and then re-inserted the power plug to 120 VAC. If the defrost drain is frozen, the water will overflow the drain trough and drip down to the bottom of the … Even after I replaced the compressor it took hours for the pressures to stabilize and about 24 hours before the thing cooled properly. You're welcome! I need your assistance with Kenmore Elite refrigerator problems. Please help if anyone has an answer to the issue. @zookster. Not sure but maybe 10 years instead of 5 years. We have started having issues with the freezer staying cold enough to keep food frozen. The compressor is a known problem. I did get a local repair guy to come out as soon as he looked at it he said throw it away and buy a new one. Repair and disassembly guides for food cooling appliances including refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezers. Lauri waldvogel, if the refrigerator you bought from Sears has the Kenmore Elite on the front of it, it is manufactured by LG but Sears is responsible to the warranty. @jetneddy. clear all Your Selections: Brand. Kenmore elite refrigerator not cooling. It is the compressor only that has the 10 year warranty. fred.kawashima, Jeanette Brown-Snyder Consumers calling Kenmore for replacements are experiencing severe backlogs in getting replacements and are left without a functioning refrigerator. Thanks to all. Hi All, I have a Kenmore Elite Model 795.71053.010 refrigerator that is not cooling at all. Fridge is still down. The compressor is a known problem. If you want a high-quality fridge that will last for many years, look no further than American Freight’s selection of Kenmore refrigerators. Same issue, same problems. Had the sears repair guy visit regarding kenmore elite fridge not cooling only 3 years old. Kenmore Elite 73025 French Door Refrigerator: User reviews. Evaporator fan in the fridge is running and the evaporator coil in fridge is only slightly frosted (first few inches). Fans lights bottons no error codes. On Friday morning, August 29, 2008, I opened the refrigerator door and smelled something burning. running at this low voltage, and being excessively HOT! And also changing out the capillary tube that feeds the fridge evaporator, this cap tube is sized for both freezer and fridge to run at the same time which runs good when their both running. I ordered a new one for 180 off ebay. If the problem is anywhere in this area except the pipes where they are encased in the cabinet insulation then it can be fixed. Thanks for that info! $43.13 $ 43. Unbelievable ignorance here. The Samsung RF260BEAESR is a French-door refrigerator that is really punching outside its weight class. BEWARE you can literally stick to it with your fingers if you touch it and it is working correctly. This … We took the next available repair appointment with Sears which is Wednesday, January 9. That's amazing. You’ll have to pay labor. This compressor does NOT have a capacitor. Kenmore, Sears' appliance brand, has been around for over 100 years. It is that bad. If the evap fan is not working the freezer will be cold near the evap unit but not elsewhere in the freezer. The Kenmore 795.78022 is a 22.1-cubic-foot bottom-freezer refrigerator available in black, white or bisque. I almost forgot one thing...if you chose to simply throw the fridge away, STILL get your free parts under warranty and you can sell them for about $300-400 on eBay! Terms — Same - the gall to try and up-sell me when their customer service is horrid (on hold or hung up on - there was a recorded message that said their computers were down and to try and call back in 24 hours - I guess it’s the Philippines - I find the chat feature is much better), and they’re service technicians were not dependable (a no show - has to order parts that would take a week for apparently a common issue) and were unable to fix it.
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