There is always that little extra you could be doing to improve your standing at your workplace. An employee's steady accumulation of … Salary is a fixed cost, which may increase annually as an employee becomes more valuable to the employer. By Dana Wilson on December 27, 2017No Comment, There is nothing that says you are material for a promotion like coming in day after day and demonstrating your value. They try to up-sell, cross-sell, and add value wherever they can, which means they go out of their way to take on more responsibility because they know that’s the best way to keep a client. How can you increase your value as an employee in as little as one year? Training and expanding your work-related hard skills is not the only way to increase your value as an employee. Every culture and setting has sets of unwritten rules that people abide by in order to remain and advance within that setting. The best way I know to improve myself and increase my value as an employee is to always keep learning and growing. Think about what you're doing on a daily basis. You can also practice soft skills that enable you to have better relationships with your coworkers and the management. So, you need to find a way that lets you express your ideas and take credit for the work you have been doing. You can analyze your current position and how it relates to the rest of the company even deeper. Be familiar with our business purpose, mission and value statements. Innovation is part analytical skills, part creativity. The third option is that it gets noticed, but no one can track it back to your efforts. The views, opinions and positions expressed by columnists and contributors are the author’s alone. Sometimes it feels like it may be impossible to stand out, but a good employee shines in the workplace. The better you understand your own position, the smarter you will be able to work. *Please Note: In order to see the full benefits of the information that follows, humility, pure motives, patience, and a strong desire to be great are prerequisites. You can also practice soft skills that enable you to have better relationships with your coworkers and the management. And in most cases, you should not mind doing it. Self-awareness is the key to to making a lasting impact in the workplace. Look at your current job at your current employer. Read How to Increase Your Value on the Job and Get Paid More by Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck - Christian career and job development advice,tips and help! Volunteering to take on some of that additional work will position you as a team player, and may also make you more valuable to the organization, as a better rounded employee. Becoming successful is no different, successful people have a set of unwritten rules that the best know and live by. Be Aware of Yourself. They involve learning more, doing more, and raising your profile. To realize true value from your employee engagement, you must measure it first, then set tangible goals to improve the challenge areas that are negatively affecting productivity and retention. Candidates’ character major hiring determinant, Passionless workers more likely to be axed, Tap into your intuition to achieve success. Push those negative thoughts out of your mind and focus on the work you do and how you add value to your company. Master communication. The best way to increase your value as an employee is to acquire skills that supplement those you already possess. You can also develop skills that make you more focused and efficient. Use these new skills to help your employer and also make your CV stand out. If you’re not receiving these things, talk to your employer about options. One of the best ways, if not the best, to move ahead in your company is by increasing how valuable you are to your employer. However, creating value in this way is largely in the purview of workers, not leaders. The key to increasing your value to employers lies in your ability to take the initiative and to focus your self-improvement efforts on certain key areas. The question then becomes, how do employees increase their value? There are three basic steps: 1) ensure that you’re meeting the basic expectations of your job, 2) you identify areas where you can add more value and 3) create and execute a plan to exceed expectations! Sing your own praises (with style and measure). As an employee, you’re a service provider and the employer is your client. What is considered good employees? If you aim to climb the corporate ladder or you simply want to outdo yourself in what you do so you can always deliver excellent outputs, learning how to increase your value as an employee will definitely help you. Do you feel like your average work day would make for a great television sitcom? This growth enables you to stand out from the crowd, for your employer and clients, and by the way, it also provides you with greater job satisfaction. This is the simplest path to value. Then, you can start thinking about improvements. Let’s examine these. Motivating your employees for big wins – like hitting key milestones or goals – helps spread goodwill and creates a shared sense of accomplishment and accountability. Topic: Go from Gilligan to a MacGyver: How to Increase Your Asset Value as an Employee Speaker: Greg Stanley. There something called the 80-20 rule, also known as the Pareto principle, that explains it. We only live once! THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR! There are numerous ways you can increase your value to your employer, and by so doing, you may just be able to increase your pay as well. You need to know how much to pay for good employees. At the end of this event you will have learned 3 tools to take back to your employer: Recognize the importance for employees to take a path of continual learning no matter what career stage they are in. Mar 12, 2018 - One of the best ways to make your way up on the business ladder is to increase your value as an employee within your company. You want to be clear and concise. The problem is that a lot of people are not too fond of singing their own praises. Here are 4 ways you can increase your value at work. What is something small you could do today that would increase your value to get some momentum going? You must be logged in to post a comment Become Known as an Expert at Something. COVER Technologies Inc. Dana Wilson is an Edmonton-based freelance writer and poet. 4. Developing a knack for finding and solving problems will also help. Announces Joint Venture with COVEX Solutions Inc. Cache Announces Closing of First Tranche of Private Placement, Crest Shareholders Elect Board of Directors and Approve Expansion of Corporate Objectives, Otso Gold Announces the Payment of Finder's Fees. I treat my career as a business and treat myself as a … Before you start to consider your career goals, it's important that you realize one thing about yourself as a professional. You want to be sure that the things you do are taken into account, and that they are clearly linked to your activities. All the good work you have been doing might get noticed. However, if you fail to link the results to your work, you will fail to link the value of the results to yourself. You’ll also learn a basic level of marketing and self-promotion as you try and promote your site. Brain games are a fun way to boost your cognitive abilities, as is reading. And if you do all that work to increase your value as an employee, remember that you have the right to take credit for the benefits you bring to your company. Installment number two of the “Unwritten Rules Series” outlines a process to why and how you can increase your value as an employee and experience more fulfillment in the workplace. Increasing your value as an employee can be perceived as a selfish pursuit if gone about the wrong way. They do not inherently or expressly reflect the views, opinions and/or positions of our publication. Phillips is the CEO and the person whose time is the most valuable in the company. However, just because you are making some effect on the bottom line, it does not mean that you cannot increase it. You can also develop skills that make you more focused and efficient. Never be afraid to ask your boss for a performance review or some more detailed feedback as this will help you to improve the quality of your work and will also demonstrate that you care. This shows your effort to understand our business and to use this information to regularly make decisions that positively affect our customers and our business. More output; You could simply work harder and faster. Choose the attitude you bring to the workplace. Professional growth increases… According to, learning a foreign language (such as Spanish, Russian, French or Chinese) will instantly add heightened value to your employability levels. If you were not doing that, you probably would not have the job. Inc. helps entrepreneurs change the world. But just being good at what you do and working hard might not suffice. The rule says that 80 per cent of outcomes can be attributed to 20 per cent actions. There are many ways to increase your employee value to an employer. Login. Work smarter than your competition and you’ll get ahead, every time. Successful service providers continuously look for ways to add value to their clients. This growth enables you to stand out from the crowd, for your employer and clients, and by the way, it also provides you with greater job satisfaction. Is the phrase, "you just can't make this stuff up" heard often in your office? But promotions, bonuses, and more opportunity does not come by accident. Here are some ideas for work improvement: Improve your ‘soft’ skills. If you worked in sales, success might have been measured by the number of clients you had. SME Bosses!! Your creativity will also get better as you expose yourself to an increasing number of new things and activities. In order to determine which direction is the best to increase your value in the job market, you should start to see yourself as a product. Supporting and helping your employees reach their educational goals not only creates employee loyalty, but broadens the knowledge of your staff, making your company better overall. A large part of communication is non-verbal. You are a part of a company because, in one way or another, you are contributing to its bottom line. 9 Easy Ways to Show Your Employees You Value Them A great employee is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have. So when your team hits that sales number, decreases churn, or makes their projected revenue target, celebrate. In a recent Robert Half survey, finance executives said that effective communication skills (49%), strong interpersonal skills (36%) and leadership (36%) are the most valuable skills for finance and accounting professionals to have in today’s business environment. In order to do just that, let’s look at the traits of a valuable employee and ways that you can take to show your employee worth.Challenge Yourself to Be Better For you, that means that the majority of your results at work come from a minority of the activities you perform. How to increase your value as an employee added by Dana Wilson on December 27, 2017View all posts by Dana Wilson →. You can find a good use for your increased understanding of your position and the extra time you have on your hands. You have the power to increase the value you bring to your organization--use it! It's not just a career, it's a calling! If you can analyze your position and determine the fifth of your activities that count the most, you will be able to focus on them. Financially: Don't spend more than you earn! Professional growth increases your value and marketability as you attain new skills, experience, and expertise. It’s an added bonus when you can find an employer who will help pay for these courses. Commerce is global and the need for employers who will be able to speak to foreign clients and customers is on the increase. Get to the point. Get the advice you need to start, grow, and lead your business today. Below are eight actions you can take to increase your worth: Ask for special projects. There is nothing that says you are material for a promotion like coming in day after day and demonstrating your value. Continue to build on your skills to be an integral member and join our on-demand class on the subject. Before even writing about job performance, think about how success was measured in your prior roles. So, if you worked there and you needed to tell him something, would you waste his time, or try to be as quick as possible? One of the best ways to make your way up on the business ladder is to increase your value as an employee within your company. You want to be efficient. You can practice your analytical skills by engaging in problem-solving activities. The thing is, surveying your employees requires more than just a once-a-year poll of arbitrary questions. Often the first thing we want to do in a new job or role is to prove we are capable of doing the job. This will show your initiative and that you’re … Whether you are actively working towards a career goal – even if you have already attained the majority of your career goals – you need to continuously focus on your value as an employee. You cannot master it all, but the least you can do is learn how to use body language to project confidence. Why does it seem that successful people differentiate themselves more than others? Charles Phillips of Infor, a multinational software company, often highlights that he has a lot of five-minute meetings during the day. By Lolly Daskal, President and CEO, Lead From Within @LollyDaskal. This can come in the form of working harder, staying later, and intensely focusing on. Sending employees to conferences, seminars, or other learning opportunities will increase employee value within a company.
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