Teachers and support staff should ask dozens of questions about safety before schools decide to open their doors to more pupils next month, according to the latest guidance from education … What did Weber call hte self-denying approach to life practied by members of various religions? Just like being at school you’ll have … 2. We’ll have more on this soon, but for now, check out Jackie Gerstein’s thinking. Ten big questions for education Introduction. What should social media ‘do’ in education? What would maker ed look like in my classroom? Some of these questions are get-off-my-lawn pushback, but some questions are entirely reasonable, including: “How can we best use technology? At TeachThought, I see a lot of ‘data.’ Scores of daily emails. So here is one person’s take (mine). Be prepared and seize the chance to grill them on education policy. But we have to pause the machine long enough to stop and reflect, so here we are. Project-based learning? The purpose of K-12 can’t be ‘college and career readiness’ any more than the purpose of literacy can be ‘word and sentence readiness.’, using hashtags–likely on an expensive mobile device–to discuss edgy cultural issues has a preaching-to-the-choir effect–lots of digital noise for. It’s no longer about phone calls or emails–there are new(ish) tools that are being adopted by a wider audience. And it’s no longer just about race, or slapping a ‘socioeconomic’ label on things, but rather about seeing relationships and connecting a chaotic spread pattern of dots. Are coders the scribes of our time? Maybe most wonderfully, this trend reflects a subtle realization by education that perhaps proficiency of academic content isn’t as cutting-edge as it sounds. In interviews, white students describe ostracism from peers and apprehension from parents who want to avoid the perception of “elitism” that comes with children in gifted programs…. Plus, salaries and … There are only so many modalities–text, images, video; mixing and remixing them while adding and twisting social dynamics is all part of the evolution. Questions to Ask Right Away What helps you feel welcomed? Edgarverlaine Answered: May 13, 2020. Advertisement. Do you have a mentoring program for new teachers? What education questions to ask political canvassers. Content-based curriculum has a conditioning effect. It assimilates knowledge, language, image–so many strands of how we think of ourselves and the world around us (something Jamelle Bouie hints at here): “[C]ontrary to the implications of the burden of acting white and oppositional peer culture hypotheses—that white students generally have superior standards for academic achievement and are embedded in peer groups that support and encourage academic striving—the experiences described by some of our white [student] informants indicate the presence of a much less achievement-oriented academic culture. Not only should the technology tool you’re … Traditional questions that teachers and administrators face exist–and will for the foreseeable future: How can we ‘move students’ from this performance level to that? What technology is available in a standard classroom for teachers to use? ‘Getting bad teachers out of the classroom’ is old, but taking a second to wonder why a good teacher might quit is a fresher take. This technique involves starting with general questions, and then drilling down to … Who knows what impact X has on Y? What is the difference between CBSE and ICSE? How Often and What Kind of Work Will You Have to Submit? Here are some questions that you can ask your overseas education consultant about … #blacklivesmatter, #metoo, #crimingwhilewhite, #yesallwomen, and dozens of non-ironic, run-on appends aggregated social media chatter to something closer to the permanence such activism deserves. Here we provide best collection of residency programs questions. Which state of matter has the most energy? These will definitely help you. There is only so much a teacher can do–education is an ecology. Children, full of questions about things that interest them, are learning not to ask them at school. Why are animals so friendly to capybaras. Here they are- Also check- Questions to ask when viewing a house / Questions to ask your unfaithful spouse Questions To Ask… Contextualize it? Thinking of coding as making. Most Read; Give Answer; Why is education important in our life? Here are 10 questions anyone who is trying to conceive should ask their doctor. It’s likely one of the most common questions that educators use when attempting to engage a room full of students: “Who can tell me?” Though it may come in different forms—“Does anyone know the answer?”—the results are the same: Typically only a few students raise their hands, and their responses serve as a barometer for gauging the progress of the entire class. Education 50 Questions To Ask Elementary Kids To Check In & Get To Know Them. Are lizards from the same family as dinosaurs? What is your teaching style? The following, then, are a collection of entirely subjective observations–well, not entirely subjective I guess. Getting to know the students in your classroom can be tricky. But–fingers crossed–this is the kind of training you get in your school staff meeting, district-mandated PD, and Monday morning emails. As you’ll likely know, education is a constantly evolving and changing realm to work in and increasingly many senior leaders are keen to employ members of staff who keep up to date with education news. For instance, an interviewer might say, “Tell me about a time you handled a behavioral issue with a student.” These kinds of questions require you to think of examples from past teaching experiences. ‘Social engagement.’ Newsletters. In other words, tech as a tool versus tech-for-the-sake-of-tech. As the sociologists note in their conclusion, stigmatization for whites and blacks seemed to come from the “perception that the low-status student was attempting to assume the character of the ‘other,’ especially an air of superiority or arrogance.”. Whilst figuring out how to answer interview questions (from competency questions to second interview questions) is key, you also need to make sure you’ve prepared the right questions to ask in a job interview.To make sure you don’t draw a blank, we’ve outlined the best job interview questions for employers, along with the questions you should never ask at an interview. Along with letter grades, and ‘college,’ homework is an icon for traditional education. Critical literacy? Steve Johnson Send an email October 20, 2020. Questions to Ask the Interviewer Ask About the Job. The purpose of K-12 can’t be ‘college and career readiness’ any more than the purpose of literacy can be ‘word and sentence readiness.’. Technology comes with it... C. Psychological assessment is requested as part of an ongoing assessment to determine Sammy’s risk for future violent acts and involvement in criminal activity. Social media is ready-made for moral and intellectual posturing which often does little to invite common-ground dialogue. are expectations clear? What are its effects on the health of the planet and of the person? What is currently the most popular method of delivering distance learning courses? Developing alternatives to homework continues to be a popular idea for teachers. Books, blog posts, headlines, pins, traffic numbers and clicks (more on that part later), conferences, keynotes, RSS feeds, social readers, subreddits, and more. Is one remembered for what one does for others not for what one does for self? What is wrong with the education system today, in your opinion? EduCon 2.0 is both a conversation and a conference. Both CBSE and ICSE are educational institutions, and... Who is considered to be the father of modern education? Both IGCSE and ICSE are in India, and they are education boards. CMI believes that it is important for parents to be involved in their children’s education, regardless of whether they choose home-school, Christian school, or … Save questions about salary and holiday allowance for when you've got a job offer. Promote strong communities? Schools are closing left and right. Press releases. The school? Judging by traffic, clicks, and social media responses, a lot of you have this question. This is a big one, since so … Funnel Questions. How does it work? What is the relationship between school and social justice? There is a cost to the push for teachers to innovate their curriculum, assessment practices, use of technology, etc., especially as that push is often at odds with local expectation, and one of the most visible effects is teacher fatigue. Typically, these points will have been made clear during the course of the application process, but if not, don’t hesitate to ask: When is the start date? That said, social change is a multidimensional thing. Also, stay away from questions that require a yes or no answer, as you're likely to find this information on the company's website. This event, for anyone interested in training to teach in Hatfield, will give you the chance to ask experts about your teacher training options and what it’s like to teach. While it's ok to ask your interviewer to clarify certain points, avoid asking about anything that has previously been covered. His full name is Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and he was born on June 28, 1712. Parents are not involved enough. Social media, mainly. Although you shouldn’t ask questions about things like salary or perks, you can ask about the job itself as it shows an interest. How can a hashtag make a difference? 'Ask about your child’s strengths and weaknesses' Dr Kay H. Mathieson is a director at Linden Learning, a specialist provider of consultancy, training and coaching across the education sector. How can we get every student to read on grade level? For most people, having a baby is one of the biggest steps they can take in their personal lives. Think instead of more in-depth questions, things that you would like to know about the course or student life at the university. Does it preserve or … Students aren’t products. And this is beautiful–this trend of educators as enablers and students as makers and classrooms as creative spaces where human beings actually produce something. There is an irony here that those on twitter using hashtags–likely on an expensive mobile device–to discuss edgy cultural issues has a preaching-to-the-choir effect–lots of digital noise for, perhaps, little physical action or substantive change. What do you like most about school so far? Place-based education? Ecological. A tip from us: don't ask these questions for the sake of it—if you're not going to use some of the data points (e.g. There is at least an undercurrent of folks who see coding as not just tech-savvy, but a core digital literacy. Prevent suffering? Ah. What does it allow, promote, and produce?”. 3. What is the main objective of educational technology 2? IGCSE refers to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Who knows what impact X has on Y? However, before you start trying to get pregnant, you should visit a doctor to determine if you are ready for pregnancy and how to best prepare your mind and body. How do we evaluate and validate the informal, self-directed learning that happens outside of school? This isn’t necessarily a 2014-only theme, but it seemed to have a different tone recently–not ‘hate edtech’ but ‘why edtech?’ Ask on twitter and you might get a lot of salty educators who make it their life’s work to stuff as much technology into a classroom as possible, but more and more, teachers want to know why. Our schools are overcrowded. Ask a Question + Ask Question. What is the difference between TNC and MNC? How can I get students to ask better questions–on their own, outside of my classroom? Common interview questions; Common interview questions. are directions supported visually? Who said "the true object of education should not be primarily vocational"? Talk to me about a current issue in education This may seem a surprising question for an interview but was actually submitted by a teacher after they were asked it in their own interview. None of this is to deny the reality of racialized ridiculing. Put another way, how can I help students develop their own questions to make their part of the world–and their life–better in and of itself, regardless of academic ‘achievement.’. if gender is irrelevant to the result of your survey), move on to the ones that are really useful for you, business-wise. Gulshan is an education consultant with experience of inspecting schools. What is the role of remote learning, eLearning, and blended learning in your classroom in 2021? Top rated questions to ask residency programs. Before we get to our top five questions, there are some basic questions you might want to ask in order to have the information you need. Forget 24-hour news, the internet and Twitter: parliamentary candidates will still go canvassing before May 7. , perhaps, little physical action or substantive change. Recently I have found problems What can we do to improve parental communication? What is … In a maker space, the maker is empowered and everyone else becomes an audience. And it is not a technology conference. The popularity of the iPad in education has always been catalyzed by more than a little consumerism, so we might’ve expected some kind of correction. 2 minutes read. How can we motivate students? What did The Weeknd mean in his lyric "bring the 707 out"? What is an example of a good referral question? SitemapCopyright © 2005 - 2020 ProProfs.com. What would you like to see changed? Why is this position open? ... teacher helps their students to be passionate about learning and understands the impact and importance of lifelong education. It is an... Background Reading. My children prefer them to actors and musicians, to the point where social media isn’t merely a launching pad into the mainstream, but is a stream of its own. Ed note: I wrote this in 2014 and have updated it several times since then, most recently in 2020. Who knows where education is going, but it’s not impossible to come up with some questions that might guide that evolution. Rather, it arises from a mix of factors, from social status to the composition of the school itself. How can we support #blackgirlscode? Illuminate it? What is the net worth of the owner of Mercedes? One of our associate education experts, Gulshan Kayembe, suggested some questions governors could ask the senior leadership team (SLT) about improving teaching and learning. Education. What are the working hours? It can be even tougher to connect when you’re teaching online. Against a background of tests and targets, unscripted queries go … Why do the Kardashians only date black guys? How do you like to be greeted? Discuss. Which of the following is not a principle of counseling ethical codes? You ask these questions when you want to get some context about your respondents (and also so you can segment them later). And it’s no longer just about race, or slapping a ‘socioeconomic’ label on things, but rather about seeing relationships and connecting a chaotic spread pattern of dots. As the teacher discusses his teaching style, you may want to share how … Okay, so many of these are more important than those above, but these are pretty big questions and I wanted the top 10 or 12 to be a mix of practical and crucial questions. Help people understand how to live better lives? More questions regarding iPads, 1:1, and the like. What strengths do you bring to classrooms? Sat 21st Mar 2015, 7.30 . The ICSE refers to the Indian Certificate for... CBSE is the acronym for Central Board of Secondary Education, while ICSE is the acronym for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. Equip us with strategies? It happens—I’ve experienced it—and it’s painful. That doesn’t make them evil, but the idea that they were plug-n-play designed for classrooms may be naive. The Big Questions: Now What? What about digital footprints? We’ll talk more about this soon, but Google–and specifically Google Classroom–continues to gain momentum on the ground, in classrooms. Tweets. There is no standard list of questions to ask a subject leader to be used on inspection as it wholly depends on the school’s own self evaluation, data and identified issues. how much processing time is provided? Education Questions and Answers (Q&A) Follow . The flipped model of teaching is itself a way of reconsidering what students ‘do’ and where they do it, i.e., the work students do at home. We all see what we choose to see and interpret it how we will. Just as profession, race, and income are at the core of ‘racial issues’ (that really aren’t racial issues, but human issues which is why it’s impossible to segment them out that way), education has seen its untouchable image as savior, for some, erode. Education is considered an important input for the development of a nation because of the following reasons : Many developed countries, realizing that having finished studying at the university, the person subsequently not motivated to receive new competencies, began to introduce a system of non-formal... Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. And video as well–YouTubers, for example. What is the purpose of school? But it isn’t a feature of black culture. In merely allowing ‘making’ in classrooms, there is a kind of resignation that producing and creating and design are as valuable as listening, reading, and reflecting the priorities set by the teacher. Social media is ready-made for moral and intellectual posturing which often does little to invite common-ground dialogue. That’s a good question to start asking alongside your students. Does tweeting matter? Podcasting feels 2006ish, but it’s actually quite edgy. What is the difference between ICSE and IGCSE? Teachers and support staff should ask dozens of questions about safety before schools decide to open their doors to more pupils next month, according to the latest guidance from education unions. What would it look like in my classroom? Questions to ask at the planning stage. Questions to Ask Students & Families About Their Distance Learning Experience by Teacher2Teacher Team | 07.5.20 Teacher2Teacher is a community that shares effective practices and innovations so educators can connect and grow together. 0. The fact that this can be considered a … It should, right? Questions to ask on school visits By Elizabeth Gunner SpeechBlogUK February 20, 2015 August 20, 2020 Some of you may have just submitted your school preferences; some of you may be visiting schools and provisions now or know it won’t be long until you have to. The fact that this can be considered a ‘trend’ is probably more relevant than talking about it as a trend, but education has newfound relevance as ideas on literacy, equity, race, sexuality, gender, and more change faster than they have at any time in recent history. How much does it cost to see a trichologist? Access to internet has everyone as opposed to everything another mentioned above. Questions to ask residency programs by questionsgems. What is the most important input of education? Seacrh. ), Instead of simply calling on schools to provide social justice, it is becoming clearer to the non-Paulo Freires of the world that education is also implicit in this cultural malaise. Or not any more than anyone else. As learning trends indicate a kind of temporary pattern, we may be able to trace the arc of what was to wonder what might be in the immediate future. What is the difference between Astrophysics and Cosmology? Many primary schools ask for a standard list of questions which a subject leader could consider, especially prior to an inspection. 4. What is maker education? (See When Class Became More Important Than Race, for example. To answer these questions, explain the situation and what you did to either solve a problem or achieve success. Why Good Teachers Quit by Kay Bisaillon saw more than a little traction. The podcast has neither died nor exploded, but the quality–and legacy–of podcasting in education certainly seems on the uptick, no? iPads are expensive mobile devices designed to play apps while glorifying Apple’s ecology. The main objective of it is Integrating technology into teaching and learning. Blogging, twitterchats, and other heavy-on-the-reading content (books, and to a degree, magazines) are increasingly supplemented with podcasts, video, and other content that’s easy to absorb on mobile devices. That said, social change is a multidimensional thing. Results. Should education not inform massive social change? Try not to ask anything that you can find out through the university’s website or social media channels because it will look like you haven’t done your research. Education Questions and Answers. Ask a Question + Ask Question. When the iPad rollout in Los Angeles fell on its face years ago, the utility of $30 million in hardware was put into question–and that’s a problem. The correct answer to this question is Rousseau. Rousseau is of Genevan descent. Obviously, COVID-19 has changed everything for now–and for the immediate future, too. How should I manage my classroom? do they have the vocabulary to understand the directions? The convergence of tool (the hashtag) and opportunity (increase in the visibility, if not the quantity, of digital and social media-based activism) made the last few years underscore both hashtags and social media at large to draw attention to pressing social issues. What role should cultural issues play in ‘the classroom’?This issue has been around for millenia–the idea of an ‘elite’ education haunts us as a society. Questions students should ask at Higher Options It is always worthwhile for prospective students to take some time to do some groundwork before attending Higher Options or a third level open day. You are sure to have a lot of questions before you decide on your destination and university. Or better yet, how can I help students do so themselves? Is coding the new writing? This is not a small shift. Will this help all students think and learn more deeply? ... Here’s a list of 50 questions to ask elementary kids throughout the year. Check this out. Speak now. 1. What we choose to ‘watch’ is as subjective as any takeaway from that observation. In lieu of janky aesthetics and unpolished interfaces, Google’s focus on utility, productivity, and low-cost Chromebooks, in addition to the critical universal sign-in for all Google products, can make management for schools and districts simpler–and schools like simple. How should your classroom speak to or connect with current events? Learn About Support. For example, is coding a critical literacy? There really is a lot to this edificio called public education. What is the difference between FHSS and DSSS? I thought then it’d make sense to look at the new kinds of questions education faces–questions that can either underscore or erode the function of a school in a given community. We’ll talk more about this soon, but Google–and specifically, When Class Became More Important Than Race, difference between learning and education. Understandably, you might not have much clarity on the whole process. The question could then be framed as, what is the relationship between what goes on inside the classroom and what goes on outside the classroom—on a curriculum-level, but also in terms of transfer from that curriculum to ‘real-world’ human and social issues?
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