Start them the night before and let them cool slowly in the oven until morning. She leads a pack of animals, including her beagle Ford, her shepherd-collie-retriever mix, Otto, and cat, Ahab. Ginger almond biscotti cookie recipe with ginger and toasted almonds, as well as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and all spice. Slightly soft and chewy cookies, like gingersnaps and snickerdoodles also make the journey well, as do dense treats, like fudge brownies. She was formerly the recipe editor for The Kitchn and is the author of three books on home-brewing, True Brews, Brew Better Beer, and Modern Cider. Classic 7-layer magic bars with chocolate, nuts, butterscotch, and coconut! Don't know? The best choices are chocolate chip oatmeal, peanut butter, gingersnaps, and snickerdoodles. • Do send dried beef or poultry items like beef jerky, turkey jerky or beef slim. Morale is the greatest gift a soldier can receive, so send letters of support. Secure The Package. Do not send cookies with custards, icings or special toppings – just like when I advise not to frost cakes if you’re sending jar cakes – frostings spoil easily. Simply googling “free” care packages for soldiers can be a great way to start your search. She is a vegetarian food-lover who finds joy in cooking, baking and finding new restaurants in new cities. Ships well, too! Brownies and chocolate chip cookies together as one! Great for Christmas or for a Passover or Easter treat! Dry, thick, crunchy cookies (think biscotti and gingerbread) ship really well, but don’t let that discourage you from other good chewy stuff (chocolate chip, oatmeal). These buttery little cookies are filled with jam and rolled with nuts. Here are the ideal Christmas cookies that have the best chance to arrive without crumbling in the mail. Often, soldiers don't have Internet access and can't send emails. Snack cakes, cheese crackers and cookies are in high demand. Proceed with caution when it comes to rolled-out cookies like gingerbread people or sugar cookies. Many soldiers will tell you that any communication from Army wives, family and friends is like gold when they are in training. (Just kidding. Now is not the time to attempt to replicate your great-grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe. Nothing is more special than receiving a few special treats that someone not only took the time to make, but also wrapped up just for you. Cookies are one of the best, kindest, and most sincere gifts that I can think of. Thanks for waiting. Dense and dry baked goods, like biscotti, nut bars, shortbread, and gingersnaps, ship the best. Flat candies like chocolate bark or toffee can be stacked and wrapped. Chocolate and peanut butter belong together, and these easy cookies prove it. Click on your favorite cookie below to skip the tips and jump to that section: This should come as no great surprise to you, but sturdy, solid cookies stand up to a little jostling much better than delicate or crumbly cookies. Too tight or too loose and you end up with crumbs. Sending Girl Scout cookies to U.S. military troops is one way to thank soldiers for their service. Peppermint Bark is so festive and so EASY! Nostalgia alert! Wrapping the cookies up, back … Q: My girlfriend is away for work for the next few months, and I want to send her a care package that includes some baked goods. Some sources say to include a description of the contents to assure mail reviewers that the package contains no restricted items. We military family members have to stick together! Put crumpled paper into the bottom of a tin or other airtight container to act as a cushion. If your soldier misses their favorite homemade cookies, though, by all means send them! Every seam of the package ought to be taped up well. Made with melted chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs, flour, and chocolate chips. It's that good. Buy Cake and Cookies Online. In a large bowl sift together flour, baking soda,baking powder and salt. Cookies that have been frosted with buttercream tend to soften and smear when stacked together. Many of our best Christmas cookies ship like a charm. One special ingredient helps deepens the flavor and gives the chocolate chip cookies a chewier texture. An essential for any cookie tray! Too much tape never hurts especially if you’re shipping to Afghanistan or Iraq. There’s no refrigeration in transit for 7,000+ miles, k? That said, there are several ways to keep your military care package cookies fresh: Step 2: How to Pack Cookies in Care Packages. It's easy to make with marshmallow fluff, chocolate, evaporated milk, and walnuts. Do your best to keep your letters positive. Cookies such as chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, biscotti, shortbread and bar cookies travel well. Fill out customs form, and seal package. The Perfect Chocolate Brownie! Super chocolatey. Dry, thick, crunchy cookies (think biscotti and gingerbread) ship, Wrap cookies in resealable plastic bags like, Some people prefer to layer their cookies: bubble wrap on bottom, line container with. Below are all our favorite cookies from Simply Recipes that sturdy enough to pack up, but delicious enough to make your best friend smile. Tell us in the comments which cookie recipes you used and share your experience or tips! Specifically, these kinds of cookies are best gifting, shipping, or sharing: Frosted cookies are ok as long as the frosting is set and hardened. You will be asked to fill out a customs form. Freezing Cookies and Cookie Dough - Allrecipes. They can usually make it the short distance to your office, but probably not to your bff living across the country. The best kinds of cookies for mailing are those that are firm and crunchy—like shortbread, biscotti, and gingerbread—and those that are somewhat soft and chewy, like snickerdoodles, molasses cookies, brownies, and other bar cookies. Wrap sticky cookies individually. Classic snickerdoodle cookies! Make with pecans, walnuts, almonds, or any other nut. Also called Russian Tea Cakes. You can send cards as well as letters. Oatmeal and chocolate chips are great together. This fudge recipe is adapted from the original Kraft back-of-the-can recipe—but with extra chocolate. Place two cooled cookies together back to back. Avoid cookies that are very delicate or that snap easily, like lacy Chocolate Florentines or Candy Cane Cookies (which tend to break off at the neck.). Your comment may need to be approved before it will appear on the site. Go for hard, crunchy cookies, like shortbread cookies, biscotti and kipplens (especially if you’re shipping them in hot weather). Send your soldier fresh-baked homemade cookies! The latter ship fine, too, with proper care taken during the packing process. This version is full of chocolate and dried cranberries! Even the sturdiest cookies will start to crumble if they’re left to tumble willy-nilly in a Tupperware container while you go from Point A to Point B. It all goes to the same place, right? First, my home address. Use your favorite store-brand peanut butter and a combination of white and brown sugar. Chocolate crinkle cookies! Our Angels send cookies, brownies, cakes and other delicious treats. Browning the butter is an extra step, but so worth it for these decadent chocolate chunk cookies! Regardless of what type of cookies you bake and your preferred method of packing and shipping them overseas, always tell your soldier to be careful, check them out first and proceed with caution – just in case. Slice-and-Bake Cookies, Meringue Cookies, and Friends, Brookies (Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies), Read more about our affiliate linking policy, Drop cookies, like chocolate chip cookies, crinkle cookies, and peanut butter cookies, Slice-and-bake cookies, like butter cookies and pinwheel cookies, Sandwich cookies (unless the filling is very gooey), Candies, like fudge, chocolate bark, and rum balls. Make them for a holiday cookie tray or to ship to a friend. These chocolate chunk cookies are made using brown butter and chunks of milk chocolate. Gifting them to a friend? Emma is a graduate of The Cambridge School for Culinary Arts and Bryn Mawr College. Take to Post Office and send! The Angel Bakers Team is a team of highly dedicated Soldiers’ Angels volunteers who support our service members by sending a one-time care package, monthly, of home made goodies for our deployed military heroes. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. These light and sweet meringue cookies are made with just three ingredients: egg whites, sugar, and pecans. This recipe uses both peppermint extract and crushed candy canes to make it an extra-special holiday treat. You CAN send him: Letters – You can and should send him lots of letters while he is in training. These Cocoa Coconut Macaroons are like a cross between a classic macaroon and a fudgy brownie. Fill the container tightly to keep the cookies from shifting and breaking in transit. But it's the brown butter that take these cookies over the top! Melty cookies probably won’t do so great during those 100- to 120-degree summer days, but might be fine during brutal Afghanistan winters. I use flat rate shipping boxes and ship priority to the APO. Refrain from sending foods containing chocolate, since there is the possibility that they could melt. Made by rolling with two colors of dough together. As long as you pack two cookies together you can send almost any kind of cookie without a problem. Cinnamon sugar topped cookies, crackly on the outside while pliable on the inside. Let's remedy that. Keep the dough in the fridge or freezer for a cookies whenever you want them. Read more about our affiliate linking policy. Bake on the middle rack in the oven for 13 to 15 minutes until lightly golden. Treat the Troops - Jeanette Cram began baking cookies for soldiers in the Gulf War in 1990. EASY to make and so much better than a box mix! Want to wrap up a few cookies for an easy hostess gift? Chocolate and peanut butter are made for each other. Pack cookies in airpopped popcorn(no butter) and theywill stay soft and chewy. Choose Cookies That Will Ship. Pack them snugly in the package, but don’t overcrowd them. Trusted Results with Cookie recipes to send to soldiers. Let them stay in touch with their loved ones and send blank writing cards and envelopes, greeting cards, and postage. Pralines can be sandwiched in pairs like drop cookies. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to HuffPost’s food email. This guide has our 30 best cookies for the job and a guide to packing them up so they arrive safely. They're the perfect make-ahead dessert for your next party. Shipping them to a faraway family member? They're the perfect Christmas cookies! ... As with anything you send, it needs to be non-perishable. Wrap each sandwich up individually and tightly. Taking cookies to the office party? Brookies are the best of both worlds, so you don't have to choose. These little treats also travel very well. Second, you'll want to bake cookies that can survive the trip. These sturdy cookies are great choices for a care packages and cookie trays. Wrap prepackaged cookies in bubble wrap to … Shipping time has been as short as 1 week and as long as 2-3 weeks to my husband in a remote province of Afghanistan, but I’m hoping it’ll be quick and easy for my brother who will be in a more populous area/larger city. All from scratch. Send a family-size dinner consisting of rich soup, freshly-baked cookies, and a side of rolls, or opt for a smaller size for the solo diner. Holiday Pinwheel Cookies are so fun on a cookie tray! See more ideas about recipes, yummy food, delicious desserts. Raman noodles, Easy Mac, Lunchables, packaged drink mixes, coffee, sugar, creamer, tea, beef jerky, hard candy, licorice, microwave popcorn and almost any of their favorite foods that are non-perishable will be appreciated. In fact - I made a dairy free chocolate filling for the thumbprint cookies and that worked really well.. These homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies are the BEST! Include a note and maybe a photo or anything else you want to send. When was the last time you made these favorite childhood cookies? It's so easy to make and keeps for weeks. Great for picnics, potlucks, or mailing to a friend. Heather is an advertising professional in Kansas City. In another large bowl, beat butter,brown and white sugar with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Any recipes for cookies or quick breads that mail well would be greatly appreciated! That’s where this round-up of recipes come in! Top each cookie with just a little pinch of fleur de sel (sea salt) and place in the oven. Get Big deals and Best Prices now. Freeze the log of dough for up to a month for slice-and-bake cookies. Instead, use a … Who wants Christmas Cracker Candy?! Oatmeal raisin, peanut butter cookies and sugar cookies are among some of the favorites cited by soldiers. It’s unlikely that anything bad will happen if you follow these instructions on how to mail cookies to soldiers deployed overseas, but better safe than sorry, and the last thing you want is a soldier with a sick tummy. Candies require a little creativity when it comes to packing them up. Using plastic wrap, bundle these in pairs with their bottoms kissing, as if you were making a sandwich cookie. No need to turn on the oven -- just click "send" and these handmade treats will be on their way. Top this crunchy, caramel toffee with dark chocolate and toasted nuts. Cheryl and Company – Offering cookies, brownies and FREE shipping to APO/FPO addresses. Thumbprint Cookies! Learn how to freeze cookies and dough to extend the life of your batch without sacrificing quality. • Do send dense and dry baked goods like biscotti, nut bars, shortbread, ginger snaps, crackers, chips, commercially packaged cakes and cookies, and high-sugar goods like fudge, pralines, toffee, and baklava. What's not to love? These are the best peanut butter cookies ever! The best recipes, kitchen tips and genius food facts. These kits include flat rate boxes, shipping labels, tape and the appropriate customs forms. Specifically, these kinds of cookies are best gifting, shipping, or sharing: Drop cookies, like chocolate chip cookies, crinkle cookies, and peanut butter cookies; Spritz cookies; Slice-and-bake cookies, like butter cookies and pinwheel cookies; Meringue cookies and … First time commenting? Brown sugar, honey, molasses, corn syrup and other sticky sweet substances have been known to get moldy during transit, so consider using white sugar instead. ... 5 Fantastic Mail-Order Cookies To Give As Gifts. These Cranberry Pistachio Chocolate Biscotti are tailor-made for dunking in coffee or tea. It makes a great holiday gift for teachers, neighbors, and friends! Soft or undercooked cookies are also likely to get moldy on the longer trips. Spritz cookies are a classic Christmas cookie! Chocolate dough rolled in powdered sugar and baked into a festive black and white cookie. Free Shipping To APO FPO. Sending homemade cookies or soft candies halfway around the world just won't cut it. You don't want to send something cream filled or very perishable. Or am I?) Your cookies will be able to stand rough handling, high or cold temperatures, and even a … Shipped fresh, they should arrive just as perfect and beautiful as the day they were mailed. Tightly wrap the cookies in plastic wrap, aluminum foil or parchment paper. The best part is, through a few great programs, anyone can send a care package and you don’t even need to know the soldier receiving it. With roots in Germany and Scandinavia, they're a simple butter cookie pressed into festive shapes and topped with all sorts of garnishes. Step 1: Bake Care Package Cookies That Stay Fresh During Transit. I know this uses a little extra plastic wrap but you really don’t need much per cookie sandwich. Emma Christensen is the Editor-in-Chief of Simply Recipes, and has over 10 years of experience creating food and content for web and print. Need an awesome cookie for the office holiday party that won’t crumble on the way to work? Soldiers love getting treats from back home, but remember that they need to be non-perishable. These super-fudgy brownies are for chocolate lovers only! Coconut macaroons! This recipe tugs at the nostalgia of those boxed brownie mixes from childhood—but ours is made entirely from scratch. The purpose of Treat The Troops is to let deployed American military persons know that people at home are remembering them. Add in some pecans and coconut and we're pretty excited. Did you mail cookies to your soldier? I'd recommend packing treats like fudge or rum balls in a small, disposable plastic container; pack them fairly tightly so they don't bounce around and wrap with a rubber band to keep the lid on. If the treats are home baked, consider packing them into an air tight, disposable plastic container. Here are some packing tips: Step 3: How to Ship Care Packages with Cookies to Soldiers. So here’s my guide on how to properly package and mail cookies to soldiers deployed overseas in your care packages! Love making cookies, but don't want to eat them all now? But we know you expect better and you want those cookies to arrive whole! No doubt your soldier will be thrilled to receive your care package regardless of whether your cookies are in pieces are not. All care packages must be mailed to a specific soldier, as generic packages will not be delivered. Preheat oven to 350* Lightly grease some baking sheets. You can also make breads like Banana Nut or Zucchini in the jars doing the same thing. Getting the cookies to the soldiers isn't as hard as you may think. But not all cookies travel well from kitchen to destination. Please review the Comment Policy. Thinking about shipping some cookies to a faraway friend or family member? Easy slice-and-bake pistachio butter cookies! Since then she, with the help of her friends and volunteers, has baked 2,661,675 cookies and counting. Our military care packages send a 'taste of home' to our soldiers overseas. If you plan to bake and mail Christmas cookies as homemade edible gifts from your kitchen, I have two things to tell you. You want sturdy cookies that can handle the long-distance travel. Ask family or friends if they are aware of any companies that send care packages without any cost to you. Crumbly, buttery, and nutty - Mexican Wedding Cookies are irresistible. Write your soldier’s address largely and clearly, and double-check that address before dropping it off at the post office. A few simple steps and the troops will be enjoying those Thin Mint, Peanut Butter Sandwich and Shortbread cookies. If it’s a cookie that normally needs refrigeration, don’t send it to your soldier. You can even arrange to have packages picked up if you need to! Bonus: They freeze well and keep well! If this is your first care package you’ll have to do a little guess work but if you are thinking about sending treats be sure to ask your adopted soldier to write back with a list of their favorite snacks. If you're shipping them in the mail, however, wrap each one individually and then stack them two or three high in your mailing box. Chocolate-dipped peanut butter balls or Buckeye balls are so easy to make at home with this easy Buckeye recipe. If your cookies are of the flat on both sides, stack them in groups of three or four and then wrap in plastic for shipping. Required fields are marked *. Aug 25, 2011 - Explore Kathryn Horner's board "Recipes to send Deployed Military", followed by 6953 people on Pinterest. The recipe makes enough to wrap some up for a friend and keep the rest for yourself! For the best cookie shape, let the dough chill for at least three hours before baking. Saltine crackers coated with caramel and chocolate make a salty, crunchy holiday treat. See Special offers and cheap prices in after Christmas. She lives in San Jose, California. A few military care package restrictions to keep in mind: No pork products, alcohol or exceptionally aromatic spices. Here are some tips for packaging your cookies to help them survive the journey and still be fresh when they arrive at their destination. With a fork, press down and make a crosshatch pattern on the cookies. If your cookies have flat bottoms but mounded tops, like drop cookies, package them in pairs with their bottoms kissing. The jury is … Also, use cookie cutter shapes that are fairly solid, like trees and hearts, as opposed to shapes with delicate parts that can snap off, like snowflakes or candy canes. Bar cookies travel very well and need almost no help if your destination is close by. Here are a few tips: Packing up cookies so they survive a journey through the mail takes a little more planning that packing them up for the office. Save this chocolate chip cookie recipe. Butter, margarine and nut oils have been known to go bad during the shipping process, so some sources say to use vegetable shortening instead. Rugelach is a classic Jewish pastry that's not at all hard to make at home. Homemade English toffee! The best packaging to use are the free USPS military care kits. Make this classic cookie for your next cookie exchange or holiday party. If you’re sending chewy cookies and crisp cookies, pack them separately to avoid moisture transfer. These easy no-bake treats are perfect for your next holiday party. It makes a huge batch so you can share with friends! Food processor dough. A delicious dinner that’s ready to eat upon arrival is an excellent way to welcome a new family into the neighborhood or help out the family whose loved one is … This will keep them fresh and prevent them from crumbling. If you do send large bags or containers, include small zipper-lock bags so your service member can pack smaller amounts of snacks to carry. Keep in mind the time of year that your package will ship. DO • Do pack foods in clean paper boxes, metal food tins, or plastic boxes or bags. They keep for several days and freeze like a dream. These homemade blondies are rich, buttery, and chewy — the perfect treat for Game Day, birthday parties, and potlucks. If you haven’t read it yet, please check out (and share!) Just because you may not have the information doesn’t mean that someone else won’t.
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